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MONETA 2012, Podar College Mumbai, Dec 7-10.

Moneta 2012, a Nation-wide financial festival hosted by R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Matunga is here, yet again. The fest promises fresh, innovative and challenging ideas. Moneta as the name suggests, will enable those who are hungry to acquire knowledge and information through first hand practical experiences.

Apart from the various intelligence stimulating competitions, Moneta offers Workshops and Seminars facilitating the participants to interact with the crème de la crème of the financial industry. Making their presence felt during the various events, seminars, panel discussions and workshops will be Mr. G.N. Bajpai, Ex-chairman of LIC and SEBI, Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Chairman and MD of Hiranandani Constructions, Ms. Devita Saraf, CEO – Vu Technologies, Mr. Arvind Talekar, Representative – The Dabbawallahs of Mumbai, besides Shaheen Mistry Teach for India, of to name a few.

Moneta was originally conceptualized in 2009. As a pioneering event, it attracted overwhelming participation and garnered praise and critical acclaim. Moneta is a national level inter –collegiate event based on various aspects of the financial markets which aims to imbibe financial erudition in the students and change the way they think, perceive and invest in financial markets. Moneta encompasses the various aspects and dimensions of financial markets through competitions that aim at creating virtual ‘Real-Life’ situations to educate the students in facing and handling the challenges that they may come across in the increasingly complex markets of today.

Competitions include an array of events like Mock trading of stocks and commodities, Group discussions, CFO and Mutual Fund Challenges, Quizzes, Synergies, Carbon Credit, Czar, Financial Planner, The Contagion, The Spokesperson, that will get the best out of the participants.

The Seminars and Workshops aim at enhancing the financial knowledge of the students through interactions with the doyens of the Indian financial markets. Another dimension to Moneta, the Learn India initiative undertaken by the students of R. A. Podar College, contributes in connecting villages to the modern world by conducting visits in over 100 schools and colleges in 4 Indian States. The chief attribute of this initiative is to fabricate the financial knowledge of such students thereby leading to further empowerment.

To contact, participate call Tel +91-7666696806 +91-9833883328,
or visit www.podarmoneta.com www.rapodar.ac.in

Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/podarmoneta?fref=ts
Twitter link – https://es.twitter.com/podarmoneta

Key Dates: 7th to 10th December, 2012.

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