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Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College Of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai

Also Known as: MMK

The Location:Near National College Bandra

The Campus:As big as a politician’s brain, in other words – really, really small. The building got a new paint job a week before the NAAC guys could visit.

The Crowd:Sindhis, Sindhis and still more Sindhis – 99% of whom want to get into Hindi films. Studies are the last thing on their mind. However, you will find some rare and almost extinct species sitting in the classrooms.

The Faculty: Please refer to the March 30 edition of JAM. When it comes to Weird Profs, we have them all!

The Canteen: If you can call a small cabinet filled with sweets and chocolates a canteen, then yes, we have a great canteen! Just before the NAAC guys came, a few chairs were kept around the cabinet to make it look more like a canteen.

The Hangouts: As students are rarely seen inside college, there are plenty of places where you can spot MMKites – just outside campus on bikes and cars, Barista, McDonalds, Just Around The Corner, all of Linking Road and of course Jai Sandwichwallah.

The Fest: The totally mismanaged and chaotic Aakarshan. Almost 95% of the events have a zero participation. The only thing that draws in the crowds is the fashion show (read skimpily clad girls). An unwritten rule of the rest is: all events should be delayed by at least 3 hours!

Latest News: The principal has installed video cameras all around college to keep an eye on the students!

The reason I still love it: Because it’s soooo close to my house!

– MMKite

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