Full name: Mahatma Gandhi Mission College of Engineering and Technology.

Campus: On first appearance it looks more like a resort with its lush green gardens and palm trees luring students to believe it’s a wonderful heavenly place. A closer look reveals the dark hallway of the medical college.

New furniture is given for all classes on the top floor, the rest are surviving on the dusty old wooden benches. MGM hospital is right next to us, and students frequently visit it to take pills for headaches caused after prolonged exposure to the professors’ lectures.

Location: The College is not TOO hard to find. Situated in Kamothe, New Bombay. The landmark is Mcdonalds with a giant balloon of Ronald Mcdonald sitting on their roof, waving at you. Kind of scary at first sight.

Faculty: Variety is the spice of life. If that’s true then MGM has the spiciest faculty ever. From the cool professors to the absent minded professors to the strict ones whom we call ‘Hell’s minions’.

Most of the professors here should come along with interpreters. It is not easy to translate words like “baan” and “leed” and “pussying” into their original forms- bone, lead, pushing.

Canteen: The food is pretty decent. The fried rice is a must try. Paneer bhurji is a close second. However, hardly anyone visits it thanks to the canteen’s room temperature which is more than the food itself. The only reason people visit is to hope some girl jumps in fright at the sight of a cockroach or a lizard.

Crowd: Can be easily divided in the brainiacs, the chamchas, the usual suspects, and the wannabes.Brainiacs are worshipped a month before exams. Chamchas immediately rush up to the professor commending on a lecture well delivered and follow them around chanting praises in their name. The usual suspects are mild brainiacs.We do our assignments ourselves and leave the long questions for the true brainiacs. Famous for being caught by the professor for sleeping on the first bench, or for coming late, or whispering in class, or watching recorded shows of Comedy Central on their cellphone. Wannabes are the ones who pretend to be cool and show of their Rolex… failing to notice that the name written is actually Rolax.

Attendance: It is said that a minimum of 75% is the required criteria but with a good amount of begging and sobbing, you can get away with 60%. Below 60% means a meeting with the principal where you must really be innovative. “Gone for marriage” and “was sick” will not work there.

Hangout: You can hang out on the staircase, or resting in the garden, or strolling on the terrace. But should the principal see you on the terrace, better make a run for it. The most popular hangout is Belapur station and the Center One mall at Vashi, a good 25 minutes away from college via bus.

– MGMite

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