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Meterdown ’14

What is Meterdown?
The BMS and BAF department of R.D. National College are proud to present their first ever inter-collegiate extravaganza. A festival, a gathering and a union of like-minded minds from colleges all over Mumbai to come and compete in high spirits to win the final shield proclaiming championship. Meter down two words heard by Mumbaikars every day reflecting the start of a new journey or an escapade in our daily lives, completely bring out the meaning of our college fest. First ever BMS and BAF festival, a start of a completely new journey of students and faculty, this promises to be a start of a new legacy.

Carnival of cultures – The official Meterdown 2014 theme:
It’s a radical new idea because we live in a world full of extravagant and different cultures. Every country has its own culture and every culture, its own charm. Our fest is the one that features various such cultural performances in dance, music and fashion! So 2we invite you to come and experience the pleasure of presenting it in an innovative way.

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