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Cut and Style the Hair. You could earn up to 50,000

Can’t stop bragging about your new hair-do? Do you buy fashion magazines and judge celebrities by their hair cuts? “Wow! That’s really nice” or “what is she thinking?” Well if you have the right amount of creativity and passion you could be the next big thing in hairstyling.

Hair styling is one of the coolest jobs in today’s glamour infected world. It has exciting challenges which include experimentation and innovation. It includes understanding the needs of your client and combine their needs with what is current and stylish. It’s not just knowing the new trends but also giving what is right to your client. In the process a good hairstylist will create new trends.

You start your career by giving basic haircuts, until you rise to doing celebrity hair styles!, This job has a lot of scope, which keeps increasing at a steady pace. “It generates great revenue. People find it very fulfilling and creative. At the same time it is not a very tedious, routine kind of a job, it’s very youthful, people oriented and fun. Today many people are trying to break away from the 9 to 5 jobs and get into more creative options.” says Mrs. Soniyaa Varma, Manager at the Enrich Academy.

In case, you are wondering what qualifications, skills, degrees, blah and blah you need to become a hair stylist, experts in the field just have one word- Passion.

Nothing beats the love for the job. “If you are keen on learning a skill or you are interested in something, your passion just gets you there. Having a good personality and speaking skills also helps when it comes to dealing with clients.” Says Soniyaa. She also feels creativity, which is very important for this job can be developed over time. “Well, once you give someone a vision, train them, and give them more exposure, creativity builds on its own. For the first couple of years you do some good work and slowly creativity seeps in naturally.” she adds.

According to Rochelle D’sa, who has been working at Juice, Pali Hill Mumbai for three and a half years, “The three essentials of being a good hairstylist is to ‘Listen, Understand and Execute’! Listening to your client is very important. You should be aware of the past cuts and treatment done to your client’s hair, without that proceeding is risky.”

Patience is also an important quality. “Sometimes the process takes long and is very tiring, but if you like what you do, it won’t bother you.” says Mrs. Jumana Samplewala, an ex- student of Lakme and the owner of a newly opened salon called ‘Spice Up, Byculla, Mumbai.’

With the great demand associated with glamour and styling, and celebrities fueling it with their exorbitant hair-dos, the industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years. “It is a growing industry and there is a lot of scope. One can excel in different fields in hairdressing, to name a few, you have salon work, photo shoots, advertisements, movies, free lancing or even teaching in an academy.” Says Michelle Coelho, National Education Manager at the b: blunt Academy.

Hairstylists have come a long way from being called ‘nais’ and ‘hajams’. Today, they are considered to be artists, who create, explore and set new trends. More importantly, it has become a much more stable career option. In Soniyaa’s words, “You can just pick up a comb and a pair of scissors and go worldwide and earn as much as you want. It is a skill and it will never leave you. Earlier it was considered to be a taboo like you know ‘oh you are a hajam!’. But it’s not like that anymore. Now it is considered as a more creative field. The new generation today sees a potential and is willing to experiment.”

Yes, a lot of it. The starting salary for an intern at a Salon like Enrich is around Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 7000/-. And as you keep getting better at the job your paychecks keep increasing. “This career will never give you a shortage for money. But if you enter it just for the money you won’t survive. Passion is an important part of all this.” says Rochelle. With determination, skill and hard work you can earn as much as Rs. 50,000/- or even more.

So, should you consider starting your own salon with its clientele, own or should you seek recruitment with the already established salons? Soniyaa says “Do what you want to do. Some people are free birds and want to do what they wish. But yes, initially it does help when you work in a company because they keep updating and upgrading their skills.”

Jumana also agrees, she says” It always helps to work at a reputed salon for the initial years as it gives you more exposure and builds confidence. When you own a salon you have to look after the administrative part as well.” She told us about her experience of opening a salon, how she has to personally take care of all the small details, from the scissors to the workers. She has to take care of her client needs and run the salon. There is a lot of work involved. But, she loves being her own boss. “As a freelancer, you are not restricted to a particular place or time. You have the freedom to do what you want”

So, if you have decided on picking this as your career then these are some good and reputed institutions to join. If you are still unsure you can check them out too. Something might catch your eye.

– b:blunt Academy,

“Our academy trains each and everyone to be the best they can – to achieve their maximum potential, to offer the best advice and to be honest in all their doings. Our academy students have a strong basic foundation in hair as we focus on perfection.”- Michelle Coelho, National Education Manager of the b:blunt Academy

– Lakme Training Academy

– Enrich salons and Academy

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