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Madras Medical College and Research Institute

Also known as: MMC(pronounced Yem-Yem-See)

Claim to fame: A really old college, with a history dating back to the 1600s, that has been rated in the top ten quite a few times. India’s first lady doc is from MMC as are many of the country’s renowned docs.

Courses Offered: M.B.B.S, B.Sc Nursing, B.Pharm and a truck load of post grad courses.

Location: Park Town,Chennai. You can smell us from the Central railway station which is bang opposite the college and government hospital.

Getting in:
a) You could mug your way through TNPCEE (local Tamil Nadu entrance exam) or bite your nails and scratch your head over the AIPMPD (All india pre-medical pre-dental) examinations. Or take the best option, just get yourself adopted by one of the oh-so-many-hot-shot-politicians in town.

b) Halt! Sheep crossing. We have a flock of smelly cute sheep that’s part of the government hospital animal lab. Halt again! dead men crossing. Never get in their way especially since the attenders pushing the trollies are half-blind and half-dead themselves. And oh yeah, you DO have to bribe the attenders a wee bit before your exams else life can get very tough.

The campus: One definitely can’t get lost in here. Theres a huge stadium overlooking a fairly green cricket ground and basketball courts. The anatomy block is the most charming of the lot and is endearingly called the ‘Red Fort’ coz it looks like one. We have two canteens and a juice shop and one general libraray, though each department has a library too. And we have a co-operatives that sell everything from medical books to medical book covers. And if you ever find yourself in the need of a bottle of glue or measuring tape, you’ll have to cross the road to the paan-chewing shopkeepers who’d be more than glad to dump their goods on you.

The canteens: There is one solely for the docs and the medicos. Food wise, it sucks. The best thing out here is the chicken biryani for 18 bucks and for the veggies, a 12 buck plate of fried rice. And oh yeah,don’t miss the cute li’l cups of kaapi (5 bucks) and the even littler packets of mini-samosas (3 bucks). The other canteen stinks – literally. Never been in there.

The crowd: The seniors DO have horns and snarling teeth, especially if they belong to the dumber sex (male). I believe it’s an annual ritual where the guy freshers pay hostel fees for their luggage to be pulverised by the just-promoted-seniors while they study, eat, sleep, crap at Marina beach, conviently situated at a walkable distance from the college.

The hang outs:
In college: The juice shop – lotsa plastic stools placed under the trees make it a very amiable place for docs and gonna-be-docs to discuss the human anatomy. On the rare occasions, the juice tastes as if its been mixed with crow poop. Lovey-doevy couples hang out at the stadium coz it’s very breezy and oh-so-romantic there:P

Outside college: Half our lives are spent at college and th adjoining hospital while the other half is spent in the hostels. On the rare occasion that an MMC-ite doesn’t want to sleep or study, he/ she heads out either to Marina beach, or the Satyam multiplex. Those fond of shopping hang out at ‘The Town’ where there are more shops than there are people.

– Taruni R

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