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Life in a Mumbai local

Almost every one of us  have traveled in Mumbai locals for at least once and I am pretty sure some of us are travelling everyday for our offices,  colleges,  etc. Mumbai is incomplete without local trains and so are we, the Mumbaikars.

Here are 7 amazing facts about Mumbai local trains :

1. We western liners always feel western lines are always better than ‘central, and the ‘harbour’ lines’.

2. We never believe in expected time of train, unless we see the train actually arriving.

3. We always push and happily adjust ourselves even on the 4th seat. Getting a window seat during peak hours, is a dream come true.


4. Everyday you see a new set of people ; some are gossiping about their ‘saas’ (mother in law),┬á while some college groups are chit chatting about new releases of movies and books, some are giving their views on economy as if they are only the presidents, while others are busy fighting for the place. Trust me, trains coach is as good as some news channel, fully updated.

5. You will daily come across at least one person who will ask “station konse side ayege? “

6. You don’t have to use any of your energy to get down of train. Just go and stand near corridor you will be dragged onto the station,┬á may be even thrown.

7. Even in fully pack trains, you will find vendors selling their products. You even get sandals and leggings and kurti in trains, nowadays. And yes i am not kidding.

In the era of e- trade, there also exist T-trade.
In the era of e- friends, we do have T- friends.
Yes we are the “T-crowd” and proud to be.

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