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Life as a CA intern

Internship is probably the best thing that happens in the otherwise dry course of CA. Internship is for 3 years after passing IPCC, which makes you eligible for CA Final. You have three options- big firm, a mid-size or a small firm.

Working in a big firm is as clich├®d as a film shoot in Switzerland. Long work hours, short coffee breaks, high stipend, working weekends, hot chicks and so on. What you need to know is that most of this is not true, especially the last bit. Only someone who has worked in these or knows someone working here will know how it is to actually work in a big company rather than sit outside and criticize it while secretly staring at it with starstruck eyes. A lot of people who start internship make excuses for being in mid-sized firms; exposure in tax and audit, less working hours, more holidays, and so on. If you have such people influencing you, you should know that they are probably faking it.

The reason why you need to aim big and high, is because of the brand value. The same way it is for getting into a good college, the ones studying in bigger, more known colleges have an undistinguished advantage and the ones who are not in those will never understand it.

What you need to remember is, that by the time you come to CA Final, you will have had 3 yearsÔÇÖ worth of experience with a lot of clients and connections, and even if you leave the place, this experience will get you a job somewhere else pretty easily.

When you pass IPCC and start as interns for the first time, you enjoy a long 4 month holiday period where you can reach office at 11 a.m., chill, go for lunch,┬á socialize, go for tea, socialize and then at 6 p.m. maybe headed to the cafeteria did some more of the socializing and go home. Most interns get some work here and there, but most of it was just reading case laws, printing, etc which they donÔÇÖt mind.

Once you are was allotted clients though, the real fun begins. The late sittings start.

Now is when you stay in office till 10 everyday because of the assessments and the returns. It gets frustrating after a while during the seasons because you will try too hard and your seniors will constantly be telling you that you arenÔÇÖt trying hard enough. Quite honestly, If staying back till 2 a.m. every day to complete your returns is not enough then I donÔÇÖt know what is.

But what every intern needs to remember is, these are experiences which will help you for a lifetime. A lot of my friends are doing CA, too. That happens when you are a commerce student. I met a few interns during gmcs which basically is training for interns in the first year of articleship. Meeting other students doing internship, who used to complain about their late work hours- 7pm makes you realise that itÔÇÖs just how you look at things, if the┬á same people would have been in a bigger firm they would have been happy leaving at 7. The truth is, people who complain will keep complaining about everything.

Exposure to international taxation, high level advice, exposure litigation till the Supreme Court level are just a few perks of the huge list.

CA internship is not all work, itÔÇÖs a lot of fun too. Picture this:

You meet your office friends around 5 almost every week. You meet interns from 3 different departments of tax, TP, Internal audit, stat audit. Whenever you feel that you worked enough and want to chill, you can call up anyone and head up to the cafeteria. You meet smart, sensible and fun people. There are parties organised atleast 3-4 times a year. There are offsites (something like picnics) where you get to stay at 5 star hotels. There are training programmes once a year for tax interns all over India where you get to meet interns from Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune Hyderabad and so many other places. Does it not sound really amazing, so much to learn, to grow and experience at such an early age?

If you are doing IPCC, or considering CA and are confused about how work will be, you have just seen the everyday of a CA intern and you will like it too, if you have what it takes go ahead and be a part of the CA community.

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