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Leonardo’s Top 10

With a brilliant performance, Leonardo Di’caprio has wooed his audiences yet again and we seriously hope that he gets an Oscar, at least this time. Deemed as one of the finest actors, what has he really left to prove now, it’s time the Academy noticed him. Throughout his career he has given us stellar performances that will always be memorable.

JAM brings specially for you his top ten movies that one must definitely watch to get a grasp of how AWESOME!!! an actor Leo really is –

1.       Romeo & Juliet: Playing Romeo with Claire Danes in the classic, Leo gave a performance as a young boy madly in love with a young girl, despite being forbidden to do so.

2.       Inception: They say there are good directors, and then there is Christopher Nolan. And if Nolan casts Leo in his movie, do we need say anything more on the actor’s calibre?

3.       The Departed: Starred along with biggies like Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, Leo plays Billy Costigan in this Martin Scorsese flick and it is indeed one of his most captivating performances ever

4.       Blood Diamond: This Edward Zwick adventure drama, set in the wild Africa sees Leo play Danny Archer, a mercenary amidst the infamous conflict diamond issue.

5.       Catch Me If You Can: Inspired from the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr who managed to forge millions of dollars worth of cheques across America before he even reached 19, Leo held us at the edge of our seats throughout this movie with his well-known boyish charm

6.       Gangs of New York: Starring as Amsterdam Vallon in yet another Martin Scorsese flick became yet another classic for Di’Caprio. The movie garnered rave reviews and became one of the best movies of 2002

7.       The Aviator: Howard Hughes has been one of the most illustrious characters Leonardo has ever played on the screen, this being yet another Martin Scorsese film for him.  No wonder The Aviator became an instant box office success.

8.       The Great Gatsby: People hailed it as Big B’s Hollywood movie, but if we ask our hearts, well we really know who the movie belonged to, and it was none other than Leonardo. Though the movie received mixed reviews, Leonardo’s part in the movie has been described as ‘poetry written in absinthe’.

9.        Titanic: Could we miss this movie, despite knowing a majority of people out there remember our blue-eyed boy solely for his role as Jack in Titanic and the typical pose he struck on the deck with Kate Winslet? Do we need say more about ow we great he was in it?

10.      The Wolf of Wall Street : the crowning jewel in his career.  Most of us would debate greatest of his movies – whether it’s the Titanic or  Gangs of New York, or Inception. As an actor TWOWS will stand right up there…

Post your comments on what you think is his best among these gems.


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