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Learn the Art of Gifting this Raksha Bandhan

Time to swap sibling rivalry for sibling revelry. Sisters always nag and irritate brothers everywhere and vice versa. But life will always feel incomplete without our partner in crime who has saved us from our parents impending scolding and still do. Raksha Bandhan is great time to make your sister feel special by gifting her something really mind-boggling. Now the thought of gifting can be a brain numbing experience. Gifting culminates our love, gratitude and the camaraderie we share with that special person. And yes a bit of grudging respect for them.

But a gift can fall flat if you have no clue what to get. Here are a few handy tips to help you decode the art of gifting for all occasions.

1. Vulcan Hearing


You may not have Spock’s sensitive hearing but you can very well develop your keen sense of listening. Whenever you are around that special person make sure to listen attentively to what they talk about, things they find cool, etc. These conversations may seem frivolous but what lies in them are potential clues that would help you find the most awesome gift.

2. Practicality  


The gesture of gifting is what matters and not the price tag. So you don’t have to rattle your brains out over the budget. A simple yet practical gift would be remembered for years rather than an expensive dud. To amp the joy quotient you could go for a personalized gift with their names on it.

3. Chuck ready-made gifts


The best gifts in the world are never store bought but simple yet unique creations handmade for that special person. Ready made gifts are the easy way out. To make that person feel really special you can churn out something with your own creativity, surprise them with the effort and thought you put into making the gift. Anything with your personal touch be it a recipe, a poem or a note or even a handcrafted gift should leave a big grin on both your faces.

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