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Joyfest - Come together and make a difference.
Joyfest - Come together and make a difference.

Joyfest: Spreading happiness to the world!


Joyfest… On listening to this word what first pops into your head? Well it is very natural to relate it to joy and happiness. It is the festival to experience the joy of  giving , of helping people who are less fortunate.

We all know, education is a far off dream,  many children do not even have the basic amenities required to lead a sound healthy life.

We all secretly wish that we could do something for such underprivileged children, but we are struggling to find out how ! This is where Joyfest steps in.

In our busy daily schedule,  we hardly find time for ourselves, let alone for social service. But, here is a way in which students can make a beginning, do their bit for underprivileged. Here’s how;

Joyfest is a charitable event organized by the students of each and every college within the college. It can be done easily during your college festival. When you’re celebrating and having fun, invite some underprivileged children or the disabled to share it with you.

The students are given the opportunity to help the world in our own little way. JOYFEST can be a small event held on any one day of the respective college fest for maybe a span of 1-3 hours or more. During this time you can create magic. Get the poor children to sing, dance, perform, may be a drawing competition, or a dance competition. The entire college watching clapping and cheering.

In one college blind children played Dandia with the students. The dandia sticks had little bells which guide the visually challenged. The magic of this moment lives on for a very long time!

This can be accompanied by snacks distribution or donation of note books, stationery, pencils crayons, anything to bring a smile on the little ones’ faces.  Anything else they need? just figure out.

Enough to make their day. And to make yours.

In order to do this you need funds.  We encourage any form of generating funds for the event like old newspaper raddi collection, that can be readily sold to generate enough funds. This entire event is a students’ initiative and any mode of spreading happiness is gladly encouraged and accepted. It is a golden opportunity to do something.

Don’t miss it.

There are no money gains in this initiative neither for you nor us. The gain one yields after performing this deed is a feeling of peace, a calmness and a sense of happiness that will last in the depths of your conscience forever.

So, come together and we will do our bit in spreading happiness across the globe!

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JOYFEST is an initiative of JAM for the Joy of Giving.  A simple idea for a better new India.

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