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Interview with the Kishore Bhimani, author of ‘The Accidental Godman’

This weekend put on your reading glasses to breeze through a book that is in the way of being a literary novel. ‘The Accidental Godman’ – Kishore Bhimani’s latest novel is not an attempt at a biographical rendering of any Godman, but a sort of comment on the times.

The title describes the life of the prince who wanders into his true calling by pure accident.

The author has penned eleven books—eight on cricket, one on growth of collaboration industry in India, a novel ‘Cocktail Insurgency’ and now ‘The Accidental Godman’.

The book is about a young prince with a stormy and violent background who discovers, in turn, religion, sex and ultimately the heady moments of political power. It is set in an ashram with plenty of religious and quasi religious characters around.

Kishore looks up to John le Carre` for sheer language and construction. He finds Dostoevsky a great story teller. According to him, among Indian writers are perhaps too self-conscious and tend to overstate things.

His advice to writers is to make sure that presentation and content continue to be entertaining. Just remember, you are writing not for yourself but for the readers.

He studied at the London School of Economics specializing in International diplomacy. After which he worked as journalist in ‘The Statesman’ writing on politics, events and features. Simultaneously, he did cricket commentary around the world starting in 1976 at Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, South Africa, Pakistan and Australia.

– Babita Balan

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