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Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Campus: It’s a nice place -we have no curfew, with few restrictions on our movement. The hostels pamper us, with single rooms for everyone, attached bathrooms for girls, a bunch of ‘ayahs‘ who make living through assignments and projects easier and a mess inside the hostel. The weather here is usually cool because it’s next to the 2000-acre of forest land that is a part of the Hyderabad University campus. There are around 1200 students in a 65-acre campus, so at no point the place can be called even remotely crowded.

Extra-Curriculars: The crowd here is big on basketball, with matches with other colleges and the companies dotted in and around the Gachibowli area becoming increasingly common. There’s also the national games stadium right behind our college with an Olympic size swimming pool. There are inter-house and intra-college events and competitions happening all the time to satiate the non-computer interests of the students.

Fests: The college technical festival, Threads and its cultural counterpart, Felicity have in recent times gained a lot of publicity, thanks to some faithful regulars. Threads is a high-profile event, with participants from all over the country and some from outside it too! Felicity is still finding its feet, with every year bringing to light some loopholes in the organization.

Crowd: A class of 100 usually has about 25 sleeping with their heads on the tables and hands stretched out, another 25 dozing off periodically and jumping up to look around them furtively, and a sizeable number looking dazed and out of phase. The typical IIITian is averse to wake up before 12 p.m. unless there is a life-and-death situation, as one can take evening courses too. Or just take a project and earn those credits, because as everyone knows, doing a project does not require attending classes. We are a music crazy college, with the LAN overflowing with every kind of music, though biased towards heavy metal and rock. And there are also the regular movie-downloaders and P2P administrators. The equivalent of the bespectacled bookworm is the bespectacled computer addict, of whom the numbers has been increasing so much that the faculty has seen it necessary to introduce a No-Computers Day, to improve the social skills of the students, who seem to be lacking in them. The cool people of the college include the rock band members, the quizzers, the multiple paper publishers, the glib talkers and the authority flouters. Guys and girls who elicit whistles (neither, necessarily, through looks) are few and far between! Some of the pass-outs are seen hanging around, for completing dangling projects, doing a post-graduate degree in the beloved college, or just finding it hard to say goodbye.

Hangouts: Our hangouts include the canteen, the coffee shop and the basketball court. The canteen’s food contractor changes every two years (we tend to be rather choosy about food), and the same goes with the mess caterers.The Coffee Shop is a small dhaba with tables and chairs put out in front, conveniently situated near one of the entrances to the academic building, so one can pick up a coffee to stop the yawns before the class, and pick up a coffee to stay awake after it. There is very little humanity around the college, one has to travel some 7 to 8 kilometres to get to the nearest civilization and eat off crockery under dim lights, so a car or a bike is a huge asset.

Facilities: The high-end labs are the real reasons for kids to get hooked on to computers so early in their lives here – they stay open almost all night! Plus a library that is done up like Barista. An open air theater where events like Freshers’ Day, College Day, Foundation Day etc. take place. An improvised movie hall which has not screened a movie in a long time, probably because there isn’t any novelty left in it with all the new movies available on the LAN. Then there are football and cricket grounds and a gym which is supposed to be rather good, though I’ve never dared to go there fearing the sights that will haunt me till I die. 😉


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