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In Love with My Neighbourhood

Like always, that day Mom had arranged Puja in our home inviting almost half of my colony. She had 2-3 pujas every month! I don’t know whether her devotion was affecting Gods but sure that affected dad’s pocket. Well, what else could my dad do?
Even after refusing a thousand times, she ordered me to visit every house of our colony to give them a personal invitation.

After giving invitations to 19 houses I reached the dreaded and khadus Sharma uncle. He was the guy who loves swallowing balls of the kids playing gully-cricket. I always stayed away from the Sharmas.
“What?” a loud voice answers from inside. An old freaky man on the door reminds me of Khadus Amrish Puri of DDLJ. Oh this must be the famous Sharma uncle.
“Uncle, actually…”
“What, haan!? There is no ball inside and if it is in there then I would love to swallow it”, I didn’t know he was mocking me, and if he was aware about his reputation. All the while moving his hand using Fleming’s left-hand rule like ACP Pradyuman.
“Arrey! let him in. He is Sinha ji’s son.” Spoke Sharma aunty from the background.

Now it was Mrs Sharma’s turn to finish off the leftovers of my brain. How are you doing, what do you do nowadays…vagehra vagehra. However, all I wanted to do was to run away from that bedlam, when suddenly the heavens descended;

“Maa, I am going to Reena’s house to collect the pending notes”.

What was that. I don’t know but yes it was real. I had never seen a beautiful girl like her. A fantasy girl wearing pink Salwar-kurti. I mean what is she doing in this house? Where was she all these years, and why don’t I know about her? The only reason why I am single is that I always sought a girl prettier than Pretty Zinta and simple, susheel… She was 100% like that only. My eyes were stuck to her like a magnet. She kept talking to her mom. Soon she was getting uncomfortable when she realized that I was ogling without pause.

The entire day I kept thinking about her. Does she have any boyfriend? Whom should I ask? I was getting desperate to know her relationship status. Of course, my next move would depend upon that only.

My detective brother is worthy. After giving my PSP as bribe gave me her name as Geetika. She completed her 12th from Pune and now she is here for further studies. Important part was that she was single. Does she like boys? No she is very seedha saada. Her first impression of me was terrible – Maine uski watt laga di thi because of my weird behaviour at first sight. She only had one friend in this city i.e. Reena (Crap, my competitor!). And with that he told me many more things about her. I was surprised that how he found all those things.

Well after studying her for 3 days, I went down to the ground to play gully-cricket with my chums. Though I am not fond of playing in the heat, what the hell I could be Milkha Singh with the bat. I could woo her by showing my batting shots. Five days passed and I was still on the ground playing this creepy game but she didn’t show herself on her balcony.

My desperation was increasing. Therefore, I thought that the best way to get her out from her room is by giving a sixer into her balcony. I was still trying to hit a six but nothing like happened. Na six laga na wo bahar aai.
After several mis-hits one six landed perfectly into her balcony. All my fellow players were worried and giggling but what I was thinking only about her.
Woh to aai balcony mein but uska baap bhi aa gaya ground mein! He came out to the ground with the ‘ball’ on his one hand and his broken antique flower vase in another. He wasn’t looking in good mood neither was Geetika in the balcony. I was feeling like ab sir bhi tutega aur dil bhi.

“Who the hell did this?” he knew well it was me but for some reason he shouted generally. Thanks to my rookie cricket friends. They pointed towards me.
“YOU! I knew to expect better from you” he continued his high pitch. “Uncle, I am sorry. I’ll repair it. Uncle I’ll buy you a new one”, I defended myself and tried to bribe him.
“NEW ONE! Do you even know how much it cost? This bloody antique vase costs 5000”, he uttered with a cruel smile on his face like Mogambo.
“Don’t worry uncle We have the same vase which mom bought from Avishka mall for 500”. I think aunty bought it from the mall only.” I cleared his misconception. By the way, the best way to save your ass is by putting a trigger to someone else.
“What! Manjuuuuuuuuuu!”, he kept on his volume up and moved inside his house to target Sharma aunty. Sharma aunty would have none of his crap, there was a lot of commotion. Inside their house.

I even forgot that Geetika was in the balcony. And suddenly, she came back to the balcony looked back towards me and gave me her pretty smile. Aur ye to sabhi jantey hai ki..ladki hasi to phasi😉

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