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Ice-cream flavours: Cue to your personality traits

That gooey, delectable and finger-licking dollop or scoop of your favourite ice-cream flavour always holds a special part of oneÔÇÖs life. Our favourite ice-cream flavours have been part of our celebrations with family, friends or lovers and often cheered us up through our bad times be it mood swings, heartbreaks or stress. Ice-cream has always been a cherished delicacy one just canÔÇÖt seem to ignore. Wouldn’t it be cool if your favourite ice-cream flavour happened to be a clue to your personality? Sounds too good to be true.

According to scientific research and findings your favourite ice-cream flavour reveals something interesting about your personality traits. In a study conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation that was commissioned by Baskin-Robbins, USA brought forth some really interesting findings. HereÔÇÖs a look at what your favourite ice-cream flavour says about you.

1. Vanilla


It happens to be one of the most basic, pure and simple ice-cream flavours and at times considered way too boring to order. But if you simply love devouring your favourite vanilla flavour you are likely to be colourful, idealistic and impulsive. Vanilla lovers are also risk-takers who decide based on intuition rather than logic. Vanilla aficionados also happen to be great at close relationships and are emotionally expressive.

2. Chocolate


ItÔÇÖs undeniably a great tasting flavour and happens to be your go to flavour. You simply canÔÇÖt get enough of it and are ardent fans of your favourite chocolate flavour ice-cream then you are more likely to be lively, dramatic, flirtatious, charming, seductive and gullible.

3. Strawberry


If strawberry happens to be your favourite flavour then you are more likely to be devoted, tolerant and an introvert. Strawberry lovers also happen to be thoughtful and logical.

4. Coffee


You would love second helpings of your favourite coffee flavour ice-cream. A coffee flavour fan is more likely to be conscientious, scrupulous and a moral perfectionist. You also happen to be dramatic, lively, approach life with gusto and live in the moment having no qualms about the future.

5. Chocolate Chip


Biting into those little heavenly chocolate chips while you relish your favourite flavour is always a memorable experience. For classic chocolate chip lovers are more likely to be competent, generous and go-getters.





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