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How NOT to give IPCC

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl (okay, not that little, I was in FYJC), I said to myself “I will become a chartered accountant”. It seemed perfect- the entrance with HSC, intermediate exam (IPCE) with B.com, internship and CA final. I’d study and pass my exams just like I’ve been doing all my life. But no one ever told me how wrong my sweet little supposition was. So here’s a guide, for all those innocent kids out there who don’t know what they’re getting into.

1. For starters, don’t ignore accounts in FYJC and SYJC just because you are concentrating too much on maths and eco.

2. No. Your sir may say that you will score 85+ by just attempting the entire paper, but you won’t.

3. Do not think that because you have your module you need not pay attention in class and you can figure it out yourself. You can’t.

4. Don’t doodle on your book. Seriously, that is more distracting than a dancing cow, cuz you actually concentrate on your doodle.

5. If ANYTHING seems easy, study it twice cuz if you relax on it, you might just forget that lesson even existed.

6. When the sir says “This is important mark it”, MARK IT.

7. Everyone is a bitch when it comes to CA. They will magically “loose their sheets”, “have given it to someone”, or it will be “too shabby for you to understand”.

8. If you think you’re doing well in class so it’s okay if you don’t revise, you’re wronger than you’ve ever been. That stuff evaporates faster than camphor tablets.

9. If you think you can watch one movie a day 3 months before your exams because that is “your thing”, you will regret it. Talk to your friends on conference for half an hour, that’s the ONLY thing.

10. If you LEAVE any lesson thinking it won’t come, it definitely will.
I always used to think that you can be happy and do something or crib and do it, and I was fine with cribbing. That’s the wrongest of all wrongdoings. Be positive. Be the happiest freak there is, you’ll be able to procrastinate getting tired. #TrueStory
I like remembering that quote from devil wears Prada, “You are not trying, you are cribbing. Where everyone would die to work you only deign to work.”

11. If you are not studying, you’re the only one who isn’t, like I said everyone is a bitch and a hypocritical one at that.

12. There sadly, is no “my way” of doing CA. The only thing you can personalise is how you study. Read. Write. Solve. Whatever floats your boat.

13. Don’t get tired. Don’t say “Ive studied for a month, let me take a week’s break”. You’ll soon have regret flowing down your cheeks and you don’t need that drama a day before the exam

The only reason I can write this, is because no one told us this and by the time we realised, it was already too late. Thankfully when I realised this, I also realised CA isn’t my destiny because accounts itself isn’t my thing. But it might be yours. So tread wisely 😉

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