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House vs Greys

“You’re my person”
I can’t remember the last time I said that to my best friend; should say it right now, I suppose.
If there’s one phrase that has been used commonly and extensively by almost every person who watches tv and has a laptop (yes, I mean it, literally), it’s this one!
Though, it was heartbreaking to watch Christina leave the most anticipated and loved show on the planet, and leave her person, Meredith, hanging by a thread.
We know that they’re gonna be just fine. Cause well, after 10 seasons of obsessing over doctors cutting people open and being so engrossed in their lives,it has left our hopes tide high.
Grey’s anatomy, fellow humans.

The show will make you cry like a 2 year old, make you want to reconsider every decision you’ve ever made, force you to incessantly stay up at nights and fix things, and yes.. It’ll change your life forever, forsook. The protagonist of the show, Meredith Grey,  is a brilliant surgeon, who is pretty weird( for the lack of a better word), who falls in love with ‘Mcdreamy’, sleeps with her best friend/ her person Christina yang( who’s weird at a whole new level) in the same bed at times; and is the quintessence of formidable courage.

I can safely assume that everyone teared up when Izzie left and George died that heroic death. Who would’ve thought we’d get past so many seasons without those two pretty faces?
All in all, it’s a heartbreaking, beautiful, amazingly scripted, most perfect show in the history of mankind, and oh, who doesn’t like to quote Meredith grey and put all those super sentimental statuses up!

Since, I’m talking about quotes. Let me quote one that was said by another brave characters on that show , “you fought, you loved, you lost. Walk tall!”
Coming to House,  Md.
Oh, how I adore that show!
To quote doctor Gregory house would be the best way to commence this next paragraph.
“Hello, sick people! I’m a bored, certified diagnostition, also I’m the only doctor who’s currently employed against his will.”

The genius who’s an addict, is unbelievably smart and callous on the outside, but cares deeply about others in reality. The ‘limpy’ who has a pain management problem, who likes to wear a leather jacket instead of the doctor’s coat, and who likes to mock people till they learn; is almost too good to be true.

Well, if it were up to me or anybody else who’s watched these two shows. It’s undeniably, Grey’s anatomy that wins this war. Though, I stopped watching the show for a while after season 7 cause my pretty boy George died, I would pick this show over house, any day!

But it’s safe to say that both these shows are worth watching, and everyone should!
Let us all be doctors and have a show of our own! *wink, wink*
Go on, sick people, tell your person that you love them despite of their weird disposition.

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