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Hair Dressing

Tress For Success
A job that requires both creativity and skill, hairdressing is fast growing as one of the most viable, alternative careers for young people today. JAM checked out the Nalini & Yasmin Hair Academy, one of the few places you can learn the art of doing great hair.

Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, goes the old maxim. And it’s one that the staff at Nalini and Yasmin truly live by. Says owner-founder Nalini, “The first thing I ask a young person seeking admission to our Hair Academy is: Do you have a passion for hair?” Without that passion, you may as well be cutting grass!”

Hairdressing is a respectable career today, and a lucrative one at that. In the first year itself you can easily earn Rs 8-10K a month. If you’re great at it and popular with clients, in 3-5 years time that figure could be anywhere between Rs 30-40K a month. And after that, the sky’s the limit.

But it’s hard work. It’s a job that requires you to be on your feet 8 hours a day, 6 days a week during the initial stages.

The Nalini & Yasmin Hair Academy strikes a great balance between theory and practicals. The first 3 months are spent on a Foundation Course which includes everything from fundamentals of hair to cutting, coloring and perming. “The course is similar to what you would learn at say Toni & Guy in London, but specially customized for India”. Classes are held from 10AM -3PM and students practice on dummies.

The next 3 months are spent working as trainees at the salon itself. Trainees work under supervision and learn all types of cuts – from long to mid-length to short. The guinea pigs who get their haircuts from the trainees aren’t regular clients though. They’re usually friends or relatives who volunteer. And end up getting a great cut at the ridiculously low rate of 50 bucks, which incidentally is donated to the charity Akanksha.

Successful completion of this 6 month training makes you a wage-earner at the salon. As commissions play an important role in your pay packet, it’s now up to you to build up a regular roster of clients.

Every batch receives personalized attention as only 6-8 students are taken in. Some, like current trainee Daxna Sawant join in after their 12th standard. Others, like Warada Bhide have completed their graduation. In fact Warada was planning to do an MA in the UK and had joined the Hair Academy during her vacations. She loved the work so much that she’s abandoned her plans for further studies (much to the horror of her Sociology profs at erstwhile college Sophia!)

Essentially, hairdressing is a great alternative career for folks who never cared much for formal studies and get a buzz from doing great hair. Also, by the time your friends finish their B.A. or B.Com. – you’ll already be earning a cool sum.

What makes a great hairdresser?
You need to be good with your hands. Energy is another must, as is a pleasant personality. A good hairdresser needs to strike a rapport with the client, and understand not only technical like their hair type or texture but also what kind of look would suit his/ her personality and lifestyle.

Wanna learn more?
If you’d like to find about more about the Nalini & Yasmin Hair Academy call 022-56680089 for a personal interview with Nalini. Batches start every July and January. Eligibility: 18 years or above / Passed class XII.

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