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Have you seen one of those places which are just there since forever? Like your parents went there too and now you do?

Sion, an otherwise not so interesting area where I live, holds such a place. You must have heard about them too. Gurukripa.

Trust me when I say that people from places as far as Vashi long for their mouthwatering samosas, which is their trademark food. In addition to this, you get Ragda pattice, chat, southIndian food like dosa, uttapam and idlis, pav bhaji and vadapav, icecreams and ofcourse many many varieties of Indian sweets.

Gurukripa is a decently sized place with decent prices and amazing food. It offers tables outside where you can eat as well has two air conditioned halls and one non air conditioned hall. You cannot question their hygeine because they live up to the expectations and the food,is always prepared fresh and tasty, and also tummy friendly. They also have combos like the daal pakwan plate, chole bhature plate, puri bhaji plate, paratha plate and so on, each complete with raita, papad, onions on the side and pickle. Service is quick and efficient, and you will leave with your tummy full and the pocket not so empty.

A few things one must simply not miss are the samosa, the ragda pattice, the daal pakwan, the pani puri and the sweet called tosha.

The best thing about Gurukripa is anyone can come here. Families looking for quality time, friends in search of budget-fitting good food and memories, and couples looking for a first date. Anything that you are in the mood for- a little Bengali sweet Indrani, some Punjabi pakwan or paratha, a SouthIndian Neer dosa or just some bhajiya, you can be sure about the quality and taste, Gurukripa never disappoints anyone. The staff is friendly and efficient, and you know that this is the one place you are definitely coming back to.

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