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Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Macroscopic details – are details as seen with the naked eye.
Microscopic details – are details as seen with a microscope.

Also known as: GMC; better known by its hospital – the Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, where Munnabhai was shot. Talk about a college known by its talents!
Macroscopic details: You will be surprised to learn that his place is more happening than any other pub in the city. We have frequent visits from numerous actors/ models/ celebrities such as Salman bhaijaan, Sanju baba and the late Mr. Big Bull, Harshad Mehta.
Microscopic details: Most of the celebs come here for the ‘After party’ – the hospital runs a blood-alcohol level detection center, so most of them are escorted by police. On the bright side, I can get you an autograph (if you don’t mind a drunken scrawling torn off from a case paper.)

The Brain/ The Campus
Macroscopic details: The massive campus is comprised of the main hospital building and numerous other patient-related-care-buildings. We have separate buildings for subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, forensic, pharmacology, microbiology, preventive and social medicine. The main building sees thousands of people walking in and out every day and is equipped with 12 lifts and hundreds of staff.
Microscopic details: People often confuse the building with Victoria Terminus station and can be heard asking “Saab, platform no. 3 kidar hai?” The most obvious reply would be, “Platform no.3 ki gaadi aaj Platform no.1 se niklegi’. As for the 12 lifts and hundreds of staff – they never work.

The Soul/ The Hostel
The Girls’ Hostel
Macroscopic details : I can’t associate this place with any body part (because I want to get married and have kids) It’s the Girls’ Hostel. This place is like a vault – it’s guarded 24/7. There are no male survivours who have witnessed the grandiosity that lies behind the gates of the LH.
Microscopic details: Who wants to risk his life for minor details? That’s why we have a spacious Boys’ Common Room
The Boys’ Hostel
Macroscopic details: There are three huge boys’ hostels – where you can scrath your butt, yawn all you want (without brushing your teeth in days) and never have a bath (now, you know why unbrushed teeth doesn’t seem so disgusting).
Microscopic details: Nothing feminine is allowed within a few kms radius of this place. However, posters of Aishwarya Rai and similar actresses are the only thing that hold its walls in place.

The Stomach/ The Canteen
Macroscopic details: We have about seven canteens, each well furnished. The most important/ happening of them is the Central Canteen, situated at a place that’s not at all central.
Microscopic details: Legend has it that the hospital had a monumental problem discarding its bioharzadous waste and thus they constructed a central canteen. Personally, I think that place has way too many cats and that the chef has found a new way to to get rid of them. My advice: choose to eat vegetarian here.

The Heart/ The Hangouts
Macroscopic details: The “Boys Common Room” where its never uncommon to catch a glimpse of a few girls – actually all of them hang out here, but who’s complaining!! It’s a majestic structure with 12 feet high ceilings and carpet space that’s enough to accommodate four table-tennis tables, three carom boards, a band room, numerous lockers and a zillion toilets.
Microscopic details: As for the 12 feet high ceiling, pigeons find it tempting. The T.T. tables and carom board? The pigeons find them tempting as well. Which reminds me, of the zillion toilets – at least two of them have running water… most of the time.

In short, GMC is a living thing and being a GMCite – a way of life.

– N@Y

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