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Golf on the Go

Do you have a penchant of playing golf but don’t because it’s an sport or because of lack of time? Mostly because you found getting membership to golf courses(and the entry into the pseudo golf circles) a very daunting task.Golf Mania may be the answer to build your golfing confidence. Read On.

Golf is no more an elitist game. Golf Mania offers portable golf. They will set up an entire miniature golf course anywhere! Schools and colleges, Even corporate offices, Clubs and Malls.They have tie-ups with various golf coaches and can arrange for coaching as well. In fact you can have golf challenges/contests on your campuses during college festivals.

You can hire anything from a single putting green to a full 9-hole mini Golf course. They also build putting greens and mini golf courses. So campuses can build miniature golf/ golf putting green facilities. These facilities can also be built indoor/outdoor in as little space as 200 sq. ft.

Pooja Jangla, founder of Golf Mania says, “We are extremely keen on doing golf camps with management students. As Golf is a corporate sport and the game makes you learn so many things that you can practically apply at your management jobs. It helps you sharpen your focus, decision making and is also a great stress buster.”

Golf Mania has already developed a Golf Summer Camp module for schools & colleges. Unfortunately in Mumbai she informs, “Due to lack of space or open grounds available at schools/colleges we have not yet conducted the camps. However, we are very keen on launching this for next year with schools/institutes that have their own grounds available for even as little as 3 hours daily for a period of 1-2 months. Then we can have 3-4 batches running simultaneously to make it viable for us to run these programs.”

They rent out portable set up for Rs 5000 per hole per day(Regular golf courses are rated by the number of holes!)Putting greens in your terraces, rooftop or backyard as small as 200 sq. ft can cost 2 Lakhs and Adventure Golf with heavy themes, water features, bumper boat rides, caves, etc which can be built in an acre or even more (which are apt for theme parks, resorts etc) can cost up to 90 Lakhs.

“With Golf getting introduced to the Olympics in 2016, India should fast catch up and only if more youth take interest in the sport can we progress,” she states.

– Babita Balan

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