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Go Blind

Bhairavi Jhaveri tells you to look into these few pointers to avoid looking stupefied on your big blind date.

Endless and hopeless scanning for The One has forced the teen battalion to opt for a bold alternative – Blind Dating! Be it over the Internet, the telephone, through common friends, or even Speed Dating, this new generation has no qualms in taking a step further and meeting people even outside the chatrooms. Suddenly this unconventional procedure of falling in love seems to be accepted with no hesitation. They want to let go of their inhibitions and go with the flow.

Flash the Passport:
If you finally decide to break the ice and meet with your longtime MSN buddy, this is the first step to survival in this crazy affair. This way you’ll come to know if the guy/gal you’re going to meet is actually a 17-year-old college kid and not some absconding convict from a country whose name you can’t even pronounce!

Digital Reality:
Don’t fall for the display photograph whilst you are chatting with someone unknown. The image might be a downloaded photo of an Italian model! If not this, try and have a look at the digital camera manual and how the different functions can make you look like a supermodel. So don’t go expecting a Brad Pitt or Liz Hurley and you’ll be happier!

Secret Spots:
Just before you are meeting your date, go alone and do a quick scan of the place (should be a public place) where you’ll are meeting. Check out its whereabouts and find the perfect narrow escape spot. Observe your date coming from a distance, and then if you get cold feet (or if he turns out to be a balding, old, fat man/ woman) you know where to crouch. Don’t think about how impractical you are being, just run!

Always keep a mobile at arm’s length while on a blind date. Say, your date turns out to be dull and self-centered you know your friends are just a phone call away to come to your rescue.

Excuses Galore:
You can start off with a Sample Date: Find out his/ her college, pay a surprise visit during his/ her breaks, chat for a while, and then you can slyly make a move. So this way, you can meet that blind date without a date! And if he/ she seems interesting, you can actually plan out a full-fledged date. Another stealthy move is the Introduce Self as Friend: This one should be used only in desperate situations. If you and your date haven’t exchanged photographs, and he/she turns out to be dreadful beyond imagination then you can introduce yourself as the friend of who he/she was expecting. You can cook up an excuse as to why he/she could not show up and how deeply apologetic he/she is. The Reminder Alarm: Set your reminder alarm for 30 minutes into the date. If you are bored when the reminder beeps, you can say you have an emergency to go for, and if you are enjoying yourself, then you make it look unimportant.

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