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Forgotten Scams

Forgotten Scams Sins

While India was reeling under the burdens of debts, economic crisis, unemployment and various other elements meant to decapitate our society, some people were simply basking in the light of the black gold, euphemism for black money, like a summer vacation in our poverty ridden land. Corruption has been so abundant in our country, be it recession or inflation at its peak, some people continue their lavish lifestyle without any remorse. Had it not been for some efficient work by corruption control committees like CVC (Central Vigilance Committee) and CAG (Comptroller and Audit General), who chose to at last rise from their state of redundancy, these matters would have bankrupted our already slow moving economy.

While the media continued their job of producing the citizens with legitimate information, in the form of breaking news, hot headlines, front page articles,etc. But when people found another hot potatoes topic, the media limelight shone on those, leaving perpetuators with breathing space to negotiate terms with the investigating party like they always do, Jugaad.

Here are some scams and scandals which had reached the peak of media attention but then suddenly vanished not only from the front page, but from the entire newspaper and headlines. Thereby letting the delinquent gamble his way out in this ambiguity filled Indian law. Who is to be blamed the capricious media or the culprit who managed to play with the government, making the people think that the government condoned their action and the government is to be blamed.

1)      Commonwealth Games (CWG), 2010, Delhi

While we bask in the glory of our Indian players appreciative performance in this yearÔÇÖs Glasgow Commonwealth Games, what we forget is the dismal performance of not the athletes but our administration for the CWG. The games meant to escalate the image of India in all the CWG following fraternity, only portrayed IndiaÔÇÖs derogatory image and promoting a negative legacy to Indian sports.

The high financially valued CWG relegated equally in terms of standards after an organisational fiasco by the governing body led by Suresh Kalmadi. The matter was hyped to its zenith. CBI panel was put against Kalmadi and all the culprits involved. But then suddenly Suresh Kalmadi vanished and another scam took its place giving him the time to pull the reins of the matter in his control. And Suresh Kalmadi got out with a mere jail time of 10 months after claiming to be a patient of dementia. He was even given permission to attend London Olympics by the government giving a worldwide mockery to the image of justice in India. Favors done in procurement of licenses, contracts, tenders, etc. led to the escalation of the costs. The scam cost the country $10 billion and became the costliest CWG ever.


2)      2G Spectrum Scam, 2011

Enjoying the superfast speed of 3G what we tend to forget is the loss incurred by the government over the 2G communication. Expected price in the auction of the 2G spectrum and the price collected had a disparity of around $5-6 billion. This debacle was listed as second in the list of ÔÇ£Top 10 Abuses of PowerÔÇØ, by Times, after Watergate scam. The to be auctioned spectrum for communications was given in ÔÇ£first come first served basisÔÇØ by the then Telecommunication Minister, A.Raja. Various major players in the field of telecommunication, like Reliance Telecom, Unitech, Videocon and Swan Telecom, though were aware of illegitimacy of the act but failed to adhere to the civic sense and gained abundantly but ephemeral pleasure. This news stuck to the front page for weeks. CBI,CVC,CAG all elite corruption control boards were on to it and A.Raja, M.K.Kanimozhi and various prominent personalities were jailed for their offense. But like all other scams, 2G scam which abased India a lot, simply vanished from the newspaper giving another raging topic for people to discuss without justice fully done for this deed.


3)       Adarsh Housing Society Scam,2010

Land allotted for Kargil war widows was allegedly taken by top bureaucrats and various influential people to attain flats in one of the prime regions of Mumbai city. The area was marked as sensitive area by the Indian Defense Forces and constructions of residential area was debarred even by various environmental organisations. But bypassing all laws, the top officials managed to carve themselves a piece of the high rated lands at a giveaway price. While according to the market study a flat in that area cost 6-8 crores, but officials got a flat at mere 60-70 lakhs. And the apartment was made up to 31 storeys when only 6 storey permission was allotted. This scam caused the resignation of the then Chief Minister of Maharastra, Prithiviraj Chavan and suspension of some civil servants. But the intensity of the scam was not adequately put forth by the media and the news became out of topics soon, leaving people guessing as what went wrong, while officials enjoy staying there even now. But in short abuse of power at all levels of administration and defense can be seen when we view this imposing 31 storey structure.


4)      Coal Mine Scam, 2010

After the Watergate scam, by US, our country produced its very own Coalgate scam. The allocation of national coal deposits to public service entities without them competing in an auction, clearly suggested the involvement of high level political corruption, a level of corruption which out the PM himself under scrutiny. This scam cost the government roughly $31 billion loss. This act of defiance was put in detail in all newspaper and media channels. CBI enquiry was seated to solve and reprimand the criminals, but how much justice has been done and how many involved people are being punished for their sins is unknown to us, because like all news this one too has now no place in any form of media.


5)      Uttar Pradesh Food Scam, 2003

A scam which managed to whisk away Rs. 35,000 crores right under the nose of the government was the food scam in UP. In this scam the food allocated for the poor as subsidy, in Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana, in open market at giveaway prices to gain heavy profit. Thereby showing the inefficiency of the Public Distribution System, putting a huge doubt over the government of Mulayam Singh Yadav. This appalling sum of money was brought in news for a few days but failed to get the proper media attention and though enquiries were seated proper results were not produced.


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