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Footnotes of Life

I had always heard of the power-packed performances of mother-daughter duo Nadira and Juhi Babbar of Ekjute Productions. And they live up to their reputation with their latest production.

The play Footnotes of Life tells the stories of life – yours, mine and almost everyone else’s. Nadira Babbar puts together four little-known short stories that are an interesting mix of relationships, overwhelming characters and a gamut of emotions. The stories are held together by a telemarketer, a modern-day sutradhar, whose calls take us to the next story.

The play stars both the Babbar kids, Arya and Juhi. Arya opens the play with a brat-like character in Dost. The story portrays the two lives of a poor and a rich boy, both applying for the same US scholarship exam. The story also highlights the farmer suicide issue. The second story, Musafir, takes the audience to the perils of old age and social trauma. The actors Utkarsh Majumdar and Vibha Chibber are very believable. The last two stories delve on the nature of relationships between men and women. In the third story, Arya takes the stage again as an insecure, fickle- minded and jealous husband. He, however, is not very convincing.

Nadira Babbar saves the best for the last. The fourth story is about an unfaithful husband returning to his wife after his partner of many years dumps him. The man is deranged by this shock. Utkarsh and Vibha play the couple and once again work their magic.

The plays are brilliantly written and beautifully presented. Definitely worth a watch.

Rating – cool

– Nikita

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