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Five Best Things About A College Canteen

Last month with the help of my friends in the examination hall and the teachers who gave me internal scores, I have finally graduated.
I am happy to move forward towards my further career plan but on the other hand, I’ll definitely miss those days I spent with my friends in that small area inside the campus: it’s just a canteen for the college staff but for us… it is the heaven where we can just relax by putting all the pressures of studies and boring lectures inside the trash can
I guess many of us will definitely agree that the canteen is the best place in the college. Waise to there are many things which makes it the best place inside the campus.

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College lectures always remind me of my mom’s lullabies; the most powerful dose to sleep. Well obviously, we don’t go to the college to hear those ‘lullabies’! And in that case, canteen works as the most euphonic alarm to wake us up.
So the next lecture of Sharma ma’m? Boring? CANTEEN ZINDABAAD!
Thanks to the educational system which doesn’t let us to bunk college as per attendance criteria. Well you can force us to attend the college but can’t force us to attend those boring lectures.
Running out of money? No fear when canteen is here!
This one is my favorite. Udhaar is the best thing which I like about the canteen (quite cheap thing but truth). Not only because it helped me in giving my birthday parties with full throttle and that too with my savings but also because even after I passed the college, nobody asked for the money from the canteen :p

Last day you had a bet with your friends that you’ll give a rose to the principal’s daughter and failed on that, but your friends will not understand the pain which you felt after getting that tight slap from her. Well they deserve the samosa party but what about the money? Obviously your dad will not give you bucks for that. Dad ni to canteen ki udhaar hi sahi! Thanks to the canteen who can save your butt from your friends.

Especially in the case of your girlfriend. Mostly you hook up with someone inside the campus and within your friends and the important thing is ‘date’. A date can only be successful, if your pocket is full. And in case you are running out of that then hail canteen!
(But obviously try to pay your debt because you’ll not always get a canteen like mine, otherwise soon you’ll be standing outside principal’s office.)

What’s in watching FIFA or IPL, if you are not with your ‘sports kira’ friends? You won’t disagree with me that these colleges are the biggest enemies of world cups. They actually know when to make it mandatory for you to attend the college or trap you in any presentation or seminar on a particular day, when a live match is going to be telecast. Is it really fair that the whole world is watching Dhoni hitting his century (which is though a rare subject), but you’re watching PhD. Swami’s boring lecture on career?
At these moments, comes the one and only ‘canteen’ where you can watch the matches with your friends and cheer for your team and that too with a sports club feeling. And if you’re having malai wali chai on the table, Chennai super king’s patch on your face and lots of friends around you, then who will give a damn to the other boring parts of the college? BUNK IT!

After the frustrating classes, all you’ll seek for is your friend with whom you can share what you saw in the second floor corridor. And what would be the best place than the canteen! The place where you can freely gossip and party about the things that finally the hottest girl of the campus had a break up with her boyfriend or you can just argue on Budget 2014 without the fear of any teacher who never even let you to drop a pin inside the class.

Even after spending three years in my college, I still can’t say how many sections are there in our library. But I can tell you the exact menu of our canteen with the price because I’d tried almost all the stuff which they used to provide in the canteen as they were cheaper than McDonald’s 25/- burger. And this is not about only my college but almost all the colleges across the country. They provide so much variety at such cheap rates that you’ll not even think of any other place to hang out.

A college canteen is like an album which carries all the sweet and salty moments which you spend with your friends in your college life; from late night studies to an evening date with girlfriend/ boyfriend, from that malai wali chai to samose, from picking quarrels up to enjoy IPL with seniors, from first year to last year.

So, respect your college canteen and keep bunking classes.

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