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Finance Continnum at IIT-Bombay.

The annual flagship finance event, ‘Finance Continnum 2006’ would kick off at Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay from September 2, 2006. The two-day event would be based on the theme of “Emerging Markets Strike Back”.

Managing director and chief executive officer, Rajnikant Patel would be the keynote speaker. Besides, there would be a series of talk by eminent industry practitioners, a workshop on ‘Stock Picking’ and a panel discussion on “From Money Markets to Hedge Funds: How do we address the changing needs of investors?”

A fresh look would be taken at the key-elements that constitute present and future growth of emerging economies. Experts attending the seminar would also highlight the opportunities and challenges that come along for global investors. A series of talks by leading policy makers, industry leaders and brilliant academicians has also been organised on the topics that cover the entire gamut of emerging economy issues.

More information about the event could be obtained from http://www.som.iitb.ac.in/events/2006/finconti/home.html.

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