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Fillum on the Go

Struggling to find the ultimate guy gift this festive season? Then this yummy little gadget could be just purrfect for you! – Sidin Sunny Vadukut loads, views and drools!

If you own a laptop, this device might seem like the ultimate frivolous gadget. A portable DVD player with its own 7 inch screen? Chi! What faltugiri no?

Nope. Sorry.

Once you switch on the LG DP271B there is really no turning back. From it’s adorable cuteness in terms of size and design to its versatility in terms of playable formats this portable DVD player is a thumping success! Give it a test drive and don’t be surprised if you are compelled to fork out a wad of cash immediately. This simple device is THAT addictive.

But let’s break down this device into bits and pieces and give it a thorough Jam style once over:

Design: The DP271b is one of the best designed portable players in the price range. The shiny black surfaces does pick up fingerprints and oil smudges. But it is easy to clean as well. So no lasting damage. Most DVD players come with tacky controls. The DP 271b is much better than the Cobys and Mitashis. The screen swivels around completely and can be folded flat back onto the console. This makes the player look like some cool prop from a sci-fi movie! A very useful remote comes with the package. Overall the player is quite the looker!

Features: This is one hugely versatile player. It plays any sort of video format you throw at it including DVDs, VCDs, DivX, Avis and so on. And with a snappy hack available on the internet you can convert into a universal region player in no time. (The player comes out of the box as a Region 3 device.) There’s more: you can also play media off a USB stick too! Just stick it into the port on the side and the player will identify the media on it’s own. I gave the player a tough workout throwing all types of discs including burned downloads. Not a hitch even once.

Connectivity: Besides functioning as a portable media player the DP271b also performs as a reasonably good DVD player for your regular TV at home. It can also hook up to your home theatre. Gamer freak? Can’t let go of that PS2 even on tour? No worries. You can actually hook up your gaming console to the player and play your games in that budget hotel room! Sweet! Two headphone jacks make this a romantic device too. The girlfriend won’t frown while you share an earbud each!

Performance: Decent quality picture and reasonably good onboard speakers means you don’t need headphones in quiet places. Like on your tummy in bed. Otherwise headphones work well with no problems. The player works for 3.5 hours on a full charge which takes 3 hours so.

Unboxing: The player comes with power adapter, remote control, cables and a cool carry case that converts into a car seatback carrier for the player.

So if you don’t have the moolah for a car DVD player this one will do just fine. Not very glamorous though…

Final word: I loved it! It’s great for people looking to watch movies on the road. The player takes close to no space in your luggage. Perfect for bachelor pads on a budget who don’t want to buy a DVD player separately. At less than Rs. 8000 including shipping on Ebay (at least three vendors) the player is a steal.

Perfect for a gift. Even if it is for yourself!

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