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FI: Indian Grand Prix: May the Force be with you

What can you look forward to at the Indian Grand Prix this Sunday, Oct 27?

It’s been the total dominance of Red Bull in the F1 season this year. They are already at 445 points, and with only 4 races to go have a 50% points lead over Ferari (297 points) the no. 2 placed team. And make that 2 years in a row.

2012 was once of the most competitive and exciting years of F1. The suspense was alive till the end of the season. At the end Sebastian Vettel stood 1st with 5 wins, Fernando Alonso was 2nd with 3, Kimi Räikkönen 3rd with 1. Whereas Lewis Hamilton 4, and Jenson Button the overall 5th placed driver had 3 wins! Until the last couple of events it was any one’s race. 2012 also saw Seb Vettel manage to scrape past Fernando Alonso with the thinnest of victory margins in F1 history.

1. Sebastien Vettel: 281 points. 5 wins
2. Fernando Alonso : 278 points. 3 wins

2013 F1 season: Is the Vettel-Alonso rivalry alive?
Red Bull has cleanly strangled the competition this year. So far Red Bull’s Sebastien Vettel has dominated at the top with 9 wins and 297 points.
Ferari’s Alonso the challenger has only 2 wins with 207 points.
Alonso isn’t expected to seriously challenge Vettel who will most probably get his 10th win this year, and the 6th in a row.

The odds in the Indian Grand Prix;
The bookies odds on Vettel winning the Indian Grand Prix are 2/5. He was the winner of the 2011 and 2012. So this is pretty much his favourite hunting ground.
The second favourite is Red Bull’s Mark Webber, currently no 5 in overall placements with odds of 11/4.
The non-Red Bull driver favourite is Lewis Hamilton with odds of 16/1.

For me, the excitement is going to be in the middle, for the fight in the 5th to 10th place.

The record of Sahara Force India-Mercedes, on its home track .
In 2011 Adrian Sutil took 9th position
In 2012 Nico Hulkenberg took 8th position
In 2013  chances are, at least one top 10 finishes at the Buddh circuit can be expected. Hopefully the home conditions support the team.

The performance of Sahara Force One India this year 
Force One has been consistently improving its overall team ranking. So far it is 6th among 12 teams.
Paul di Resta has had 7 top 10 finishes. Adrian Sutil who re joined the team in 2013, has been in some form with 6 finishes in the Top 10. The Force India fan will miss Nico Hulkenberg, who gave 11 top 10 finishes in 2012.

We did start the year very well. Until the end of the 8th race (Britain) we climbed to 5th position. Force India overall team position has been going down hill from race 9 (Germany) onward. Team’s performance can be roughly divided into two parts of the season;

Up to race No 8 : Until the end of the British GP,  overall at 5th place with 59 points, whereas;
Race No 9-14      : We added just 3 points to be overall total to fall to 6th place with 62 points.

The last 6 races have taken some the wind out of the Force 1 team. We have had only two top 10 finishes. Remember only a top 10 finish gives the driver or team any points.

Will the Buddh circuit give it the much needed boost, and the fans something to look forward to? If this is to be last race in India until 2016, they have to give it everything they’ve got.

The overall  driver standing at the end of Japan GP.

F1 driver standings up to Oct 26, 2013

F1 driver standings before the Indian GP, 2013

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