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Fervor – The Annual Technical Festival of Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology.

FERVOR – Inspired by Imagination, Driven by Technology…

Since time immemorial, the world has witnessed waves of change, each one of them giving a new dimension to the society. Every technology introduced in this realm showed the superiority of the human race and has given it the new aims and directions of survival. With the levels of progress, the scientist in man seems to die down every single time.

FERVOR 2011 gives you the platform to rebuild the basics once again. The renaissance of the geeks awaits every budding scientist to come and flaunt their skills. If you are one of those missing all the geeky action these days, you are not the only one. The audience to the technicalities of a simple coding language or a robot circuit gathers this year to start the revolution once again. Henceforth, do not question your motives or for that matter your existence, we shall give you now what you desire

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