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Do you want to be the first human on Mars?

Mars One, is a non profit organisation which will send the first humans to the red planet in 2024. Four people will be selected for the first trip.

Till now, 705 candidates have been shortlisted from a pool of 200,000 applicants for the mission. The select group was further filtered to 1058 people. Some dropped out.

All of the remaining candidates will be interviewed by the Mars One selection committee. Apparently, none of them is scared off by the idea that, because of technological and financial limitations, Mars One astronauts would probably never come home.

According to CNN, It might not actually happen.
It is not clear that sufficient money will be raised to follow through. Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp has said the company is looking at “a range of funding scenarios.”

A reality TV concept is one way Mars One may make good on its $6 billion budget for getting the first four humans to Mars. Lansdorp hopes the unprecedented video opportunities will attract sponsors, partners and media coverage.

But since no one has ever been to Mars, the technology to fly people there and keep them alive has not been tested there, either. Mars One says that “no new inventions are needed to land humans on Mars,” and the “plan is built upon existing technologies available from proven suppliers.”

But the company will need to show that technology for transportation and life support will work on Mars.

Mars One announced in March that it will soon begin constructing the first of its “simulation outposts” to train selected astronauts and teams, giving them experience in an environment made to feel like a Martian home.

The Mars bound couple

People who have applied for the trip are undergoing relationship issues. One of the candidates Dr. Leila Zucker is clearly applying for the cause of science and exploration (remember Sandra Bullock from ‘Gravity’?). She is aware that she may not return, ad so her earthly relationships will have to be sacrificed before she departs.

Sachin Desai and his wife, Ankita Ritwik, are getting around the marital tension issue by applying together. Desai says he could not go to Mars without her. Sure, Mars might challenge their marriage, but enough marriages are strained on Earth already, he said.

“One thing we do really well together is travel, and this would be a trip lasting the rest of our lives. I think we also are very good at helping each other out when we are stressed; I would be a far worse space cadet without her.”

Happy Martian meals
Spending the rest of your life on another planet might make a person miss certain Earthly conveniences like favourite foods. Each person would get a limited baggage allowance which will include his favourite foods. So far the plan is to grow meat from stem cells in a test tube.

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