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Damn this Crib!

I’m cribbing today coz apparently I have stopped having reasons to crib. That’s just a very depressing thing to happen to someone.
– The owner of the company I work with is not demanding things like “I want this design” and ” I want that idea” etc. I have no one to say this to anymore – ” I want a villa in Miami, I want a private jet, I want 100 million dollars. Not everything you want in life you get.”
– My roommate (actually my husband now) comes home and doesn’t even snore. I miss the times when I could throw his stuff out of the house.
– My maid is not taking any leave. In fact she is doing extra work.
– The electricity guy is not cutting the power. He is in fact not charging late payment fees. He leaves a sweet note for me to remember to pay the bill.
– My parents are talking to me so sweetly that I wonder what have I done wrong.
– I’m actually saving some money.
Damn the reiki master. Damn the marriage and damn the good girl image. It’s boring the hell outta me (I’m kidding touch wood)! I hope you know you have a lot to crib about (la la la la la!).


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