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Damn the Vista Pimps!

The other day I headed to Lamington Road (you hotbed of cheap gadgets and tech love you) to buy a new laptop. Making a major purchase like this, and being one who analyses every possible option until the mind has reached its eventual Shut Down point, this was a tension filled time for me. Eventually I settled on a Compaq C773TU laptop. It had the specs I wanted and didn’t look like a briefcase. The only thing was, it didn’t have an operating system. The manufacturer proudly stated ‘Free DOS’. Yeah, just what everybody uses these days. Just like Basic and FoxPro. Being unsure about Vista, I decided that tried-and-tested XP was the way to go. XP was installed but unfortunately these days all laptop manufacturers pimp Vista as their ‘recommended’ choice. Great Compaq. I’m fine with your recommendation but hey I think I’ll go with XP. The plot thickens however as much needed drivers for important hardware devices on the laptop aren’t available or are difficult to find. After much heartache, the decision was made. I’m now asked whether I’m really sure I want to close this Word document twice.


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