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Dabbawallas at Sri Sri Institute of Management Studies

MBA students invite Dabbawallas to be part of a Six Sigma Convention.

A six sigma convention was organised by the students of the post-graduate diploma in business management (MBA) at Sri Sri Institute of Management Studies (SSIMS), Margao on April 12, 2007, in association with the Centurion Bank of Punjab. The convention was an initiative to contribute towards integrating supply chain management and operational concepts with a practical example of none other than the humble Dabbawallas of Mumbai.

At this convention, the speakers were not the normal pinstripe suit clad swanky corporates, who are often spotted in B-school auditoriums. Instead, they were two modest gentlemen dressed in a dhoti and wearing a Gandhi cap. Mr. Raghunath Medge and Mr. Gangaram Talekar, President and Secretary respectively of the Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust captured the imagination of delegates with their narration of how a motley gang of 5000 ensures the prompt delivery of over 2, 00,000 lunch boxes every day in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. This was the first time that the Dabbawallas had visited Goa, after having delivered such seminars at the prestigious IIMs and IITs of India.

The convention was attended by representatives from the corporate arena and educational institutions in Goa. The Chief Guest was Mr. S. Ramachandran, Executive Director, Goa Carbon. The director of the institute, Dr D.D. Kare extended a warm welcome to the guest speakers and delegates and gave a brief introduction of the institute.

The talk was followed by the inauguration of an Industrial Museum, in the SSIMS courtyard. The museum depicts pictures and posters painted by students on topics such as evolution of management concepts, strategic human resource management, globalization and modern art.

The grand finale was a special lunch organized by the students with the Dabbawallas, which came packed in – not surprisingly – the traditional steel dabbas!! The sight of young students, faculty and the Dabbawallas sitting together at an informal lunch was simply exhilarating.

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