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dday arjun
dday arjun

D-Day – Indian version of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

D-Day is cast in the realistic mould of being a high octane action-thriller. But it also is a tale of love and disrupted lives.
As a crime drama D-Day is a decent effort brilliantly accompanied by some high quality acting by the likes of Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and Huma Qureshi. However, the love story between an Indian RAW agent and a Pakistani prostitute is rather presented half-half-heartedly and pushes the film into an easily avoidable sub-plot, which ruins the feel of sheer patriotism and makes it seem like a revenge-saga for quite some portion of its run-time. I am not saying that Arjun Rampal has come out as a bad actor here but the plot that had him and Shruti Hasaan seriously did not make much sense to me. The movie is poorly edited or I should say it has been poorly written, because while watching the movie I did not feel any scene could have been cut out. But some clever writing would have done wonder’s to the film.

Talking about the story D-Day, review, movie feels like an Indian version to ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, I wonder why the critics who have been praising it all over haven’t noticed it. Am not saying it lifts the film totally but it takes the idea of a man hunt. So the story basically revolves around 4 RAW agents – Nabi Ali (Irrfan), who has been in Pakistan for years , has a Pakistani family that he loves and is emotionally attached to them . Rudra Pratap Singh (Arjun), a former Armed Force’ officer who likes to be away from any kind of emotions . Zoya(Huma) who chooses patriotism over her family . And Aslam, who serves as the spy in the Don’s gang and joins hands in an impossible mission that has been named ‘Operation Goldman’.

While the first half starts off with the operation and goes into flashback telling us all about the planning and plotting and the things concerned to it. The second half deals with the aftermath of the mission’s failure.
What I liked about the movie was the fact that it was brutally honest at many places and did not think much about the audience’s feelings. The movie had its moments , it had things which I did not expect at some places. The film has a score by Shankar-Ehshaan Loy , but seriously speaking most of the tracks felt forced except for one track that plays in the later half of the movie.

Final Verdict – D-Day tries to be a patriotic saga and an crime drama at the same time. But all it ends up being is a wannabe thriller. Still can be watched.

Rating : 3/5

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