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Cool Part-time jobs for college students

Wondering what to do during your Diwali break that’s just round the corner? Longing to buy that latest video game or wish to add a gorgeous ensemble on your must-buy shopping list but sadly just your pocket money wouldn’t suffice. No worries have you given any thought to working part-time. Part-time jobs are a cool source of some extra cash when you feel the need to splurge. HereÔÇÖs a look at some awesome part-time jobs to keep one busy during the festival break or even after college hours.

1. Kitchen Assistant at Fast Food Chains



You have a serious passion for cooking and absolutely love spending time in the kitchen prepping and preparing delectable dishes. The chain of quick-service restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, DominoÔÇÖs, Pizza Hut, Subway are always looking for part-timers especially during the festive season owing to larger crowd turnouts. A cool job as a Sandwich Artist for a fast-food chain would require some prior basic knowledge about ingredients, kitchen skills and good communication skills. Think of all the freebies and discounts. Five to six hour shifts are negotiable and the monthly salary comes to a cool Rs. 4000-6000.

2. Product Promoter



If you are a people person and have keen interest in marketing then a product promoter job is just ideal. With the festive season being a great time to launch new products whether it be FMCG, cosmetics, or electronics, companies need smart product promoters. A three to five hour shift per day at a mall, product showroom, retail outlet or canopy should earn one about Rs 1000-3000 on per project basis.

3. Entertainer at Parties or Restaurants



You have been taking singing lessons or you are in a band or maybe you have been perfecting those special magic tricks when alone in your room. Well working as an entertainer be it as a magician for kids birthday parties, corporate events or restaurants or even belting out the latest chart-busters at one of the popular hangouts in your city is a great way not only to earn some dough but hone your talent as well. Depending on skills and references an entertainer can earn about Rs 3000 to Rs. 8000 from just one or two shows per week.

4. Barista



The smell of coffee excites you and brings you to your happy zone. Then working at a trendy coffee shop preparing and serving coffee a great way to earn some extra cash while you enjoy some free or discounted cup of joe as well. Basic education, pleasing personality and a hard-working attitude would be the ideal criterion for a baristaÔÇÖs job. A five to six hour shift at popular coffee shop can earn one a cool Rs. 3000 to 6000 per month.

5. Content Writer



Having a flair for writing, good command over the language, basic logical skills along with good web research skills are ideal for a part-time position as a content writer be it writing for the web, radio or print. Content writing also provides the benefits of working from home. Based on project basis one can earn monthly around Rs 500 to 2000 for about 4 hours per day.





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