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Cool office of the fortnight

What does one look for in a work place? Considering you’re just outta college and you’re put in a dull, boring environment where the eerie silence makes you wanna crack up.We at JAM know that you’re such a laugh and that’s why off and on we’ll feature some cool offices for you to work in. College ke baad ke kaam ka jhatka thoda dheere se lagega.

Welcome to the the office of contests2win.com. C2W is one of the oldest and most well known online brands in India. Founded by Alok Kejriwal in 1998, C2W is a destination where users can “hang out” and have fun entertaining themselves playing from thousands of contests and winning from hundreds of prizes. C2W also creates solutions for brands which are extremely interactive with the consumer. But that’s just a dictionary meaning picked up from their website.

The office has two floors. As is obvious, the sales and marketing team sits on the fourth floor and the creative ones sit on the second. The fourth floor is prim and proper and for any mischief intended, the crowd runs to the cool second floor. Some old time original bollywood posters and some other branded ones add the zing to the office environment.

The creative office explodes excitement the moment you enter. One wall is filled with colourful hand-prints of the holi hangover. Ishwar, the official DJ on the floor has been with the company for eight years. His career graph has taken him from a web master to a hardware guy to merchandising finally landing him his dream job of a Flash Programmer. He owes it to Alok Kejriwal who according to him rocks.

Ekalavya Bhattacharya, Product Manager, took us through his office. We were
introduced to a whole lotta people who had one thing in common to say. The office rocks because of the following:

– Work- what work?

– The small playstation room which is powered all the time and sledging is a part and parcel to it.

– The dart-board

– The smoking and boozing zone.

– The pet in the office which is a stuffed dog called Chillum. He chills all day.

Clide who entered as an intern is in love with the place, ” There are late nights at work, there are parties, there are office trips and there is freedom to be creative.”

Rajgopal Menon, COO is looking for strictly passionate people on his team. Work hard, party harder is what he believes in.

So now while looking out for a job, keep C2W in your mind as an option. And start practicing being cool if you want a job there!:)


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