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Chicken at the Republic Day parade

At the Republic Day parade, Obama will be guarded by 1600 security men! Phew! You know the old joke about why the chicken crossed the road? Well, here’s a twist to it. Why did the Indian chicken cross the road at the R-Day parade? For a better view of the American chicken!

And Agra has also been made secure for the visit of Obama and company. In fact, so tight is the security, even bugs are being kept out. Yeah, who knows, which travel bug might travel down from Pakistan and sneak in!

obama bug_opt
And the poor bugs are wondering what the heck is bugging both the Indian and the American humbugs!
At Agra, Obama will visit a tomb under which is lying an ancient Indian ruler. Well, come to think of it, that’s like any ruler then and now : lying when dead — ┬álying when alive!

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