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Ceramic Artist

Do you see yourself spending your day with clay and getting your hands dirty? Then you could embark on a journey of a Ceramic Artist like Rekha Goyal who is very famous for her studio pottery.

She has been conducting regular classes for pottery and ceramics at her studios in Khar and Vashi since 2004. She also teaches at Sir JJ School of Art and at the Aditya Birla World Academy. Besides this she also takes on commissioned sculptural work & also develops exclusive handmade product ranges for small companies and high-end boutique stores.

Rekha Goyal says, “At the workshop you would learn the basics of ceramics and pottery. It would help you to develop hand building techniques of working with the clay, working on the potter’s wheel, glazing and a basic level of theory to understand the materials used.”

She did her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai and her Masters Degree in Art in Architecture from London. “I was exposed to various art forms during my college. But I was inclined towards Ceramic and Pottery making since it involved both art work and designing. Hence while still in college I set up my own studio,” says her.

If you are born creative and have drawing skills then you could apply at various institutions offering fine art courses. Most of these institutions have an entrance exam which test ones drawing skills in Life Drawing, Emotive Drawing, Sketching, Illustration Drawing etc. One can also join private tutorials to hone their skills before attempting these exams.

So what are the opportunities in this field? “One can become a ceramic industry specialist i.e. one can join companies like H&R Johnson the makers of ceramics tiles. You could set up your own studio. Some even make murals on commission. Retailing is another avenue. Teaching and conducting workshops is also quite popular. One can easily blend one or two options and make anywhere between Rs 30,000-40,000 at the fresher level,” she asserts.

“The ceramic industry in India is at a nascent stage and therefore the onus is on the artist to develop a market for oneself. The opportunities are fewer since it’s a small industry. But if one is determined and passionate then one can make living and make a niche for oneself,” she adds.

She suggests all to do their home work before getting into this profession. It’s necessary that you get a good picture of the industry. It’s a long journey till you establish your name through your work.

Studio Pottery | Rekha Goyal

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– Babita Balan

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