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Cell Phone Repair Training

Since mobile phones have almost become like an extension to the human body, this time we bring you a lucrative career option related to the booming mobile phone industry. Here’s introducing what is called Cell Phone Repair Training (Training, Instruction and Documentation).

To make a career in this field, all one has do is register themselves for a two-month online Mobile Phone Repairing Course. This course has been divided into three parts – namely theory, practical and practice.
The hardware knowledge that one gains from this course covers topics such as basics of mobile communication, tools and instruments used in mobile phone repairing, various components used in mobile phones, basic parts of mobile phones (mic, speaker, buzzer, LCD, antenna, etc). The software course covers flashing, formatting, unlocking, use of secret codes, downloading, Bluetooth, infrared, etc.

The good thing about this course is that it has no pre-requisites, though if a student has an engineering background, it will certainly prove to be an advantage. The fee structure of the course is around Rs 4,000, and once completed, the students will know how to repair and service minor and major handset problems, how to setup your own mobile phone repair service centre, how to survive in the cellphone repairing business and how to make money by repairing mobiles.

To avail this course, you can log on to www.alfainstitute.net/mobilerepaircourse.html.

Wondering about the pay? That really depends on how much work the cellphone engineer takes on, but one can easily earn up to Rs 25,000 a month, may be more if you are enterprising and manage to start of you own business.

This is a field that has not been explored by many, but is undoubtedly a beneficial one since it will surely keep you in the business, seeing that today mobile phones have gradually become a necessity more than a luxury.

-Priyanka Talreja

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