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Literary Idiots: The Fault In Our Stars Review

 Based on a very popular novel the film is about a young girl Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) suffering from cancer but unlike most of the cliched rom-coms this one opens up with the girl having cancer. She is forced to carry a oxygen tank everywhere and her mother forces her to go to a support group to get over her ...

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Yeh friendship kya hai?

What is friendship? It is trying to cover up the track for your footloose friend, ÔÇ£oh yes, aunty! He spent the weekend at my home, preparing for the test!ÔÇØ It is fighting over that last piece of pizza and knowing that itÔÇÖs a battle to death. This is Sparta! It is calling each other insulting names but donning body armor ...

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Why Brazil got thrashed 7-1

The 1st Semi -Final kicks in, Brazil v Germany, two of the strongest teams in the world (and this world cup) with the exit of Silva and Neymar , there was less hope for Brazil to stand out but Luiz and Oscar were the ONLY HOPE of them. Germany had a good squad to start with Ozil , Muller and ...

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For the love of food

Food is there anything else that can make you feel the way good food does? You’ve had a rough day, and you open your tiffin. 1.) A piece of cake. The relief, The happiness, just knowing that soft, rich taste, sweet, spongy, it makes you day a little better. 2.) Salad and French beans. You know the feeling. AAARGHHH!!!!! Food ...

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Review; Wrecked Godzilla

Gareth Edwards was so destined to make his monster movie’s subject serious that he managed to take out all of the fun from it. There is always a movie in the span of 6 months or so that I am hyped about. After watching the first trailer of Godzilla I was so pumped for the film that I was ready ...

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Vividh ’14, Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai Feb 11-13

SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law brings to you its annual Inter-Collegiate cultural festival “VIVIDH’14! It will take place from the 11th-13th of February, 2014 in the famous SVKM Campus, Vile Parle (W). In its 5th consecutive year, VIVIDH promises to take you on a mind-blowing journey around the world. The theme, A Global Voyage will treat you to an ...

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Aarushi…A Rockstar

She held a ‘blue blazer’ at school. She was the prettiest and the brightest amongst all. She was passionate about dance and led a dance troupe, ‘Awesome Foursome’, with her friends. She was ambitious and wanted to be ‘famous’. She wished to follow her parents’ footsteps and become a doctor one day. Like any other teen her life revolved around ...

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Sunny Paaji The Great

He will slide down the dust while he rides a bullet and you will hear a lion roar in the background , he will catch swords thrown at him in mid-air and make the gundas believe at the effect of his Dhai-kilo-ka-haath while quoting Guru Gobind Singh Ji, he will pour ghee over the goons and pick them up and throw ...

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Policegiri is a super cop genre of movies.  Apna Munnbhai is bigger than Chulbul Pandey, Singham and Rowdy Rathore put together! Alas it looks like Munnabhai lost it.  The movie without Sanjay’s promos is making a bit of whimper outside. But once you’re inside the theatre, the noise level certainly compensates for the silence outside. The actors make their point by ...

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