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Game Review; Bioshock Infinite

Astounding and incredibly breathtaking! Bioshock Infinite is certainly a game which gets your adrenaline and emotions pumping with the same rate of exhilaration. The game gives you a sense of modest liberty while exploring in the floating city of Colombia in the year 1912 in the same way it gives a sense of sophistication to your mode of transport in ...

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Game Review: DMC (Devil May Cry)

For all those who are huge fans of RPG, especially the DMC series, this is the sweet-mother-of-jesus of them all. Hack-n-slash, chase and dodge or just the old school punishing hordes of demons; you’ve got it all. The game had been hanging aloof amidst speculations about the game-play and story which would surpass the charisma and the idiosyncratic flair of ...

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Going my way lady?

Girls travelling into the unknown and all on their own ! Travelling is no longer a boys’ groupie thing to do.Girls are finding their way into the wild and unknown. Without boys. According travel enthusiast Shweta Ram, 25, who travels twice every year with friends, “Though even today travelling in India alone is not considered safe for girls, a few ...

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Love Means You Never Have to Walk !

love means never having to walk

The other day I was taking an evening stroll down the “couple’s park”. I was minding my own business not disturbing the love-birds and making sure they didn’t see my camera. But just then I saw a sight that startled me. I saw a boy slapping a girl in the middle of the street! I got so damn irritated! I ...

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Fixing the sixes

spot fixing, ipl, bcci, sreesanth, bookies,

Rahul Dravid says every body is asked to speak something in the team huddle. Guess what the team is discussing in their huddle nowadays !!

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This week in news

As in the IPL the grisly plot simmers and brews, We have Congress heaving a sigh of respite, As they are definitely out of the ‘spot’light, Instead in the tight ‘spot’ we have Sreesanth, Caught in Spot fixing, bearing the ire and the brunt, Having being ‘spot’ted sporting a white towel, He broke down, as the Mumbai Police had his ...

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When I cry at night, the only thing I can think to myself is…how can I seem so perfectly fine in the morning? Why do I smile like nothing is wrong? And how does not one single person notice that I’m not okay? I don’t know what I want in life. I don’t know what I want right now. All ...

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Wanna be a Dog Trainer?

Pooja Sathe, adores dogs and she says there is nothing better than spending the weekend bonding with your pet. Preferably far away from the hustle bustle of city to the greenery in Lonavala, Manor, Karjat, Kashid or Kelve! Pooja, a professional dog trainer runs Crazy K9 Campers in Mumbai, an initiative formed for pet dogs and owners to provide them ...

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POV : Is it OK for a woman to say ‘No’, when she doesn’t want to say ‘Yes’

inkaar chitrangada singh, arjun rampal

Inkaar: This movie raises questions….actually starts a debate. Is it OK for a woman to say No, when she doesn’t want to say Yes. Is sex the currency in the corporate world? Do women work under a glass ceiling that cannot be broken? Is it for men to propose and women to accept. Or to refuse? When does sex stop ...

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