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Decoding the Distance

Whenever a new person hears about a long distance relationship, their usual response is bewilderment, surprise and a bucket load of questions. Do such relationships even exist? Why would you want to be with someone who you donÔÇÖt see most of the time since he/she doesn’t live in the same city anyway? ┬áWell they exist all right, and everyday thereÔÇÖs ...

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5 things not to do if you have the hots for her

I know, I know. You have the hots for the girl. And it’s the ever mushy Valentine’s around and you don’t really appreciate Cupid ignoring you this time too. JAM to your rescue! And it’s okay, don’t thank us. We believe in social service. 😛 Well there are way too many “To do” lists doing the rounds already on how ...

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His and her gifts

Anniversaries are a time of celebrating your relationship. What’s like celebrating if you don’t do- gifts! And being the gift Grinch that I am, I believe we should do traditional things with a twist. Presenting his and her gifts! No I do not mean the half heart keychain or cup. Most guys do not like very cheesy things and face ...

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Rantings of a V-Day Hater

ItÔÇÖs that time of the year again when everyone is indignant on painting the town red. Taking obnoxious selfies. Moronically being on countdown mode. Celebrating an inane week of days such as Rose Day, Chocolate Day, and Hug Day in anticipation of the D-Day. Such a fail world, such an epic fail! ValentineÔÇÖs Day should rather be called the being ...

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I  heard the door bell. The kaamwali bai worked as an alarm clock for me for the past 2 years. I looked around. He slept peacefully. I gave him a peck and got up to welcome the bai. We were on the breakfast table. I buttered the bread for him. He hid behind the paper. I had kept the gift ...

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10 essentials that help dealing with a break up.


Break Ups are ugly. One day you are sleeping happily in your bed and your entire self feels blessed and filled with love and then it is replaced by sleepless nights where you feel like total crap and you are left alone with your aching heart. Dealing with breakups can get even uglier. We tend to lose the ability to ...

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Sibling love, rejuvenated

ÔÇ£So whatÔÇÖs your favourite colour??ÔÇØ asked the boy standing beside me. He was trying to choose a t-shirt for me from the huge stacks of the wide arrayed Bare Denim TÔÇÖs, in a newly opened store in the city. His growing impatience was putting all his friends into a state of disbelief. ÔÇ£Favourite colour?.. Really!!ÔÇØ ÔÇô exclaimed one of his ...

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Enjoying solitude.

I always synonymized alone with lonely. Alone to me came as a negative thing, and I never told anyone that I like it. This was till one day when I was in Matunga buying earrings and my friend asked me who am I with and when I answered that I’m alone, how shocked she was. And then I reflected- the ...

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Apologizing: A cue to healthy relationships

Human relationships are fragile and go through their shares of ups and downs. Our relationships whether it be with our family, friends or lovers is never a smooth sailing ride. Sometimes we hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally. Next we know both parties have booked their seats to the grand ego trip. The saga of blame-game and who should say ...

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The drug called love.

You know how they show it in movies and books, the boy and the girl fall in love in weird cheesy ways and live happily ever after? I used to believe that. Till I reached 17. We always have an idea about love. We want this and that. He should be tall. She should be smart. He should be romantic. ...

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