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Movie Review- Murder 3

            Murder 3 is a mind blowing suspense/thriller/love story! This is something that I would say if the Bhatt’s offered me a hundred million rupees or as the people from Congress call it, Rahul Gandhi’s pocket money, for writing this review. Sadly since my bank account status isn’t very nice, neither is this review! To ...

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Review: “ABCD – Any Body Can Dance!”

Anybody can dance… It’s the motto and the full-form of the new movie on the box, ABCD. At first all the promos of ABCD made it look just another step-up clone. Since nowadays all the creative minds of Bollywood are busy watching Gossip Girl re-runs, there are no new storylines coming up. The stale hit formula of taking from Hollywood, ...

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Matroo ki Bijli ka Mandola

Movies Matru ki bijlee ka mondola

The name intrigues for sure. The first time I heard snippets of the song when my roommates had the TV blaring on full volume, and very curiously as I peeked around to check the name of the movie, it said Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola. I declared… It’s not going to go down well! With a faltu name that kind, ...

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The sad case of KLPD

I really love come-backs by yester-years great stars or as I simply like to call it— ‘recycling’. These comebacks are an excellent way to remind you why they were thrown out in the first place. But let’s not be rude to them at times like these. I mean, it is really difficult to run your (insert star name here) hotel ...

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Memorable Films of 2012

Here’s a brief look at the films of 2012. Taking the end of the world concept too seriously, 2012 saw a release from every who-is-who of the industry including all the Khans, Kapoors, Chopra’s. A year marking debuts and comebacks and extravaganza of brand names of the industry, this year was truly a cinematic year for the Hindi film industry. ...

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Top 5 Himesh Songs

And just when you would have thought that you wouldn’t ever have to listen to that nasal twang again, Himesh Reshammiya is back, with a bang, with the soundtracks of Khiladi 786. The fight between the Himesh Fan Club and the Himesh hate club goes on. If you don’t currently belong to any of the camps, we list the ‘best’ ...

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Jism-2 vs. Raaz-3

Jism-2 which released earlier this month was a box office disaster and very obviously so (stupid dialogues and laughable acting skills are just a couple of reasons). The Bhatts are coming with yet another sequel to their hit horror movie, Raaz in the next month. This is a third sequel to the movie; the second one was seriously forgettable .Raaz-3 ...

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The reel and the real life, Cocktail.

Why did crowds throng to watch the latest released flick, Cocktail? The reason I went to catch up a show on Sunday (even as it pinched my pocket hard) was because of its name .The cocktail of real life as I interpret is a reckless mixture of the choices we make in our lives, our impulses which lead us toward ...

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