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Why is an obsessed lover being glorified?

Ashvita Singh’s take on the “love story” that audiences are going ga-ga over. Raanjhanaa is good cinema, embellished with towering performances and flamboyant cinematography. Ranjhana wins audience to gross Rs. 31.5 crore worldwide in its opening weekend and is being gloriously christened as “love story of the year”. The film, however, seems to have implanted an idea in the minds of ...

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India needs a new mascot for sports

Suresh Kalmadi is totally unfazed – he is contesting for the post of the chief of Asian Athletics Association, i.e he will be representing India! The Kalmadi corruption case was a symbol of bungling and every thing that is wrong with India. Probably he has thought that people have forgotten and moved on. The reality is that Kalmadi still enjoys ...

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TV Channels spreading panic instead of being useful

They say that anything in moderation is tolerable. This is especially true if you consider Himesh Reshammiya’s career (?) as an example. But when mother and Mother Nature are giving you something—no, is not an option! You just have to buckle up and eat it, and hope to god that you manage to survive through that ordeal in one piece. ...

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Long distance relationship matlab – lots of space?

long distance relationships

A long-distance relationship matlab we get lots of space, no? Heck no! This type of relationship is stuck together with chewing gum. It’s risky and a mind ‘blower’. The first condition is that you had a short distance relationship. Meaning you had once been close and…you know what..now you’re forced to make it long distance(like me). If you satisfy this ...

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Today 6 pm, Non-Fiction Festival, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

rashmi bansal, india, non fiction

Bestselling author Rashmi Bansal in conversation with KN Vaidyanathan about her books, her life, and her work. Today June 22, at 6.30 pm, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. The 3 day festival of non-fiction has the most eclectic mix of authors and celebrities in India. For a detailed schedule visit http://www.indianonfictionfestival.com/

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Your Attention Please

ATTENTION Adjusting in, was his attempt Regardless of favoritism and contempt The surroundings were utterly new He knew whereabouts of only a few He believed in merging with distinctions Understanding people was one of his convictions Who used to lead, direct and stand out Was now directionless at a round about Amongst alike, he usually bossed Then what made him ...

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Do you want to be the Batman or the Iron Man?

Answered? Now answer this: Why choose engineering? Do you want to ride a Ferrari or do you want to make a Ferrari? What is common about Batman and Iron Man? They do not have any supernatural powers, but they use heavily engineered technology to save the city. The Dark Knight series and the Iron Man series came to an end, ...

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Modi or Advani? The Face of the BJP

What does the BJP need – Modi or Advani? What about the other candidates? Participate in the poll on JAM’s Facebook Page Please post your comments

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Do You Need to Speak to a Counsellor?

When should I speak to a counsellor?? Has this question arisen in your mind? Are you unsure when to approach a counsellor or what a counsellor does? Is it only when things go out of control? Or I can just call or if I am going through some stress or emotional distress. The confusion is mainly because of lack of ...

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