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Where have all the good people gone?

Let me begin by stating that this article shall display extreme levels of hypocrisy. And if that bothers you, please stop reading right now. But I know most of you won’t stop, after all we thrive in hypocrisy. Let us begin with what I love doing, judging people. Yes, I confess that I love it. It does not matter whether ...

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Over 75% donations to Political parties are by unknown sources.

More than 75% of the funds received by major political parties, came from unknown sources. This is the result of a detailed analysis done by the Association for Democratic reforms, taking into account all receipts declared by the parties in their Income Returns from the year 2004-12. 2004-12 Party Funds officially received (Crore) Unknown donors Congress 1951 82.50% BJP 952 73% NCP ...

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Look At Me You Dumb Stupid *****

My precious smartphone went out of shape and killed itself two months ago. It had been going in and out of various service centres for some time. It finally gave in to its fate. Not that I am mourning its demise. Occasionally I miss being sucked into the shiny virtual world. The feeling of being pulled into a bubble of ...

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Importance of the ADR; and Aruna Roy


India is a unique country. Every year GDP increased. And one thing which increased with the GDP is corruption. Well, It’s says a rotten apple can rot the whole bucket. And here 30% are rotten who are trying and succeeding in rotting the bucket. Nope! I am not talking about your dining table. I’m talking about our system: the parliament, ...

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Push your friend. And emerge a champion.

Standard Chartered wants to get everyone up and running. With 5 months to go for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014, they’re giving us even more reasons to run. Welcome to First Push, a fun new online contest organised by Standard Chartered that ensures to get all those who’ve been putting off their exercise routine, up and running. No more ...

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Alcohol cigarette and drugs? Is turning 18 so cool ?


Every kid has someone slightly older that they look up to and whom they find ‘cool’. When you turn 18 you get a chance to become that cool person. 18 brings for some of us a sense of freedom to life; ultimate and endless freedom. You were able to get a boy-friend/girl-friend (or the plural of the same), to move ...

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Corruption and politics are cheek and jowl, in our beloved country. We always say that political corruption in India is like a pile of garbage jise saaf karne ke liye we have to get inside it. But how? What would you do if nobody lets? What would you do when the hogs are trying to stop you? Some will come ...

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College couples who can’t keep their hands off each other..and other public nuisances.

1) Girls who try to smoothly enter into queues by talking to one of their acquaintances: Do you really believe that a 50-60kg mass suddenly entering into a queue is easy to miss? 2) Women who keep their bags on the seat in a crowded train: It is a grocery bag for heaven sake, doesn’t my butt deserve more respect ...

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RULE#1 Good Guy is Always Better.

Women are idiots!! He said “Wow! you are dumb”. She felt a little insulted. He repeated it. This time her sadness morphed into anger. She did not utter a word. Her attention was diverted to the anger swelling up in her chest. She wondered is she really dumb? Does she have control over how fast her brain processes things? Is ...

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Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Lance Armstrong…should they all be banned?

Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Lance Armstrong, caught, banned. Really the question is; To dope or not to dope? People have been saying “allow performance enhancement under supervision” and “within limits”. Enhancement products like blood supplements, and enhancers of which Lance Armstrong was found guilty. Lance Armstrong was stripped off his medals in cycling. But what about the other cyclists? “Armstrong ...

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