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Being Human

  Monday morning and I was inside the Delhi metro with my sore leg. I was already frustrated over the fact that I have to cover the distance of 40 stations to reach my destination. The metro was really crowded, it took seven stations to finally get the chance to sit, but just minutes later a girl came and demanded for ...

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Heard of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

Ever wanted to study under the best faculty the world has to offer, from Harvard to MIT? But time, distance and cost have been a hulk sized barrier in front of you. The answers to all your problems is MOOC. Massive open online courses(MOOC) have gained prominence all over the world. Universities of Europe, India, Asia, Latin America, Middle East ...

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Cafe Cuba – Coffee Revolution

cafe cuba

While India is on the brink of revolution and issues of corruption, safety of women and national development are fuelling every debate, there has been a radical change in the political landscape of the nation and Cafe Cuba – The Coffee Revolution stems from it. Café Cuba, India’s first carbonated coffee beverage by Parle Agro, is set to change the way people consume their carbonated beverages. ...

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An email to the students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

St. Xavier’s Prinicipal, Father Frazer Mascarenhas , released an email to all his students from his official id. The email was not a reminder for an upcoming exam or the hectic course work. It was a choice which the educationist wanted his students to make — about choosing a leader for the better future of our country. However, in the ...

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An uncompromising vote

This is the second time I exercised my right to vote, my first going to the BJP. My last vote was based on a naïve comprehension of politics at the time and I had convinced myself that I had picked the lesser of two evils. The candidates in my constituencies in Bangalore seemed awfully similar both terms, there was very ...

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2 states : When Sambhar meets Tandoori chicken

The movie starts with a Tam-Brahm (Alia Bhatt) and a Punjabi munda (Arjun Kapoor) falling in  love at the most sought-after and beautiful campus of IIM-A. Ananya (Alia) does not really have the Tam-Brahm qualities at first but gains them later in the movie somehow. Their romance dies a little as the movie progresses. The movie begins when the love ...

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Soul friend

It’s not often you come across a soul that lighten up your conscience, a friend who gives a different dimension to your being. A reason to be different, a reason to break the rules and do things one hasn’t done before. Finding that very part of your existence isn’t that tough. Maybe there was always room for this magical experience ...

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Keep going!

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” -Dumbledore We’ve all been there! Those moments when pain and agony take their turns on us, mysteriously. Those moments of hurt, confusion and being lost; moments when you feel amid the darkness, refusing to face the light. You’ll often fall back to ...

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Youth and Elections

“Ask the young. They know everything.” Joseph Joubert said that ages ago; but it seems just about right today as well. It’s the calm after the storm, with our apparent leaders caught up in their petty wars and taking cheap shots at each other,our youth is probably the only thing we can count on; for some little amount of hope ...

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