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Friendship Day; Dec 16th?

Two years ago, in front of his eyes, his girlfriend was brutally raped by six┬áboys in a running bus┬áin Delhi.┬á He fought even after he couldn’t take it anymore, he was beaten┬áand┬áwounded┬áwith an iron rod.┬á They broke his leg, robbed him, snatched his mobile┬áand left him┬áwith no help, no mercy, no clothes and no means for procuring any aid. And ...

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Animals are family

In Rajasthan, when a minister lost his pet dog, every cop in that state was alerted to look for this VIP — very important pooch. In UP, the police launched a massive hunt to locate minister Azam Khan’s buffaloes that went astray. Heartening to note the great concern of our ministers who care for their dogs, buffaloes and donkeys like ...

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Suicide Prevention: The need of the hour

In a sad and alarming news India is currently the worldÔÇÖs suicide capital with 2.6 lakh cases per year as revealed in a recent report by the WHO, ÔÇÿPreventing Suicide, A Global Imperative.ÔÇÖ The report also informs that sadly India also happens to have the highest rate of suicides amongst the youth aged 15-29 years. Unfortunately suicide also comes in ...

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Teacher – A control freak

A teacher plays a very powerful role in fhe lives of students. The first career chosen by every young child is ” I want to be a teacher”,which shows the place a teacher holds in a child’s life. Teachers these days have a need for control. The salary of a teacher is not one to afford luxuries but to cover ...

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Teacher – Sadist or Guru


On the eve of Teachers’ Day we bring you a special series in JAM Says. Guru Gobind Dao Kadhe Kake lagu paye Balihari Guru aapne Jin Gobind Diyo Bataye This doha by Kabir Das illustrates the importance of a guru, a teacher in our lives. No matter, how old or wise we grow, we always look for our teachers for ...

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Irom Sharmila; Her struggle against the AFSPA

Irom Sharmila

“Whenever I felt hungry, I would press my tongue hard to my upper jaw and swallow my saliva” “I have spent sleepless nights for year, due to hunger, so please come and join me against the AFSPA” Sharmila, broke down, when released from jail on 19 August 2014. Her release and subsequent re arrest on 22nd August have once again ...

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Brain Drain – Unpatriotic, but its for my Survival.

Onions Rs 80 per kg, Petrol Rs 80 per litre and the inflation continues. It’s a night mare for the middle class people of India they say, but I believe it’s a more cruel reality for budding professionals like us. I had recently completed my Bachelors in Engineering in Instrumentation and have just stepped into the job market. I got ...

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Reviews of Big budget flicks: A Freakonomical Scam

If you love Salman Khan/ Akshay Kumar/ Sajid Khan movies, do not read any further. Ditto if you love/ work with/ for The Times of India. I’ve been a loyal TOI reader since I was about ten. Since then, my daily routine has revolved around the paper. I was also in my school days a TOI Young Journalist for two ...

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10 weird laws that are only in India

At the stroke of the midnight hour of 15th August, 2014, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom again. We have been making a tryst with destiny for the past 67 years to see a sovereign, better and more developed nation ahead. In the process of doing so, the government has been trying to take all the necessary steps. ...

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Politicians and their marketing techniques

Three phases of the greatest extravaganza India has ever witnessed have finished. Several more remain. However the Indian populace has been hounded by not only the weird “No Ulu Banooing”, “Old Spice” ads but also election related ones. This is perhaps the first time advertising has been used on such a massive scale for promoting ideologies, or rather, incompetent candidates. ...

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