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POV : Is it OK for a woman to say ‘No’, when she doesn’t want to say ‘Yes’

inkaar chitrangada singh, arjun rampal

Inkaar: This movie raises questions….actually starts a debate. Is it OK for a woman to say No, when she doesn’t want to say Yes. Is sex the currency in the corporate world? Do women work under a glass ceiling that cannot be broken? Is it for men to propose and women to accept. Or to refuse? When does sex stop ...

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‘True Love’ is like a UFO sighting!

                Love is in the air . It’s that time of the year when you have lots of time to dream, fantasize. Images that represent Love, like red roses, hearts, teddy bears, couple kissing, holding hands, getting abortions, etc. In short exams are over.                 They say that ‘love is in the air’. But every time I inhale, all I ...

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This Lovable Dog Needs a Family

Gina, stray dog, adoption

So you want a dog? A stress buster and an ultimate companion. Most people would want to settle for dog with a pedigree. Do you know that a lot of people are adopting stray dogs instead of buying pure breed pedigree dogs? Now people call these dogs Indian dogs instead of stray dogs. Along with some celebrities like Imran khan ...

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All of us when in school awaited the, ‘college days’. We wait to get rid of our uniforms and eagerly await bunking lectures but are these romantic notions about the college actually true? We all come with prototyped, dreamy image about college. It’s all going to a cakewalk and so much fun ! Bellwood makes it look like a fairytale, ...

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I am nobody but myself

In a world which is trying to make me like everybody else. Am I where I was meant to be? No, let us rephrase that question: Am I where others thought I would be? Is the world trying to make me like everybody else? How does it matter what others think, but when they tell you that they never thought ...

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Iss Pyaar Ko Mein Kya Naam Du?

The rate at which our country is developing and the (gross) rate at which we are ‘modernising’, people have no choice but to accept what they see and just ‘go with the flow’. Now take for instance an old couple that is walking down the road and they come across a girl and boy, hardly 16, kissing each other on ...

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A Few Good Men(Do Women Want Them?!!)

Shahrukh Khan in a recent advertise said that from now on in all his movies, the name of the Hero will follow the Heroine…as in the woman will be placed before the man in all of SRK’s movies. Not to be outdone, Salman was considering giving the women in his films more than 30 minutes of screen space. It’s amazing ...

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