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Iss Pyaar Ko Mein Kya Naam Du?

The rate at which our country is developing and the (gross) rate at which we are ‘modernising’, people have no choice but to accept what they see and just ‘go with the flow’. Now take for instance an old couple that is walking down the road and they come across a girl and boy, hardly 16, kissing each other on ...

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A Few Good Men(Do Women Want Them?!!)

Shahrukh Khan in a recent advertise said that from now on in all his movies, the name of the Hero will follow the Heroine…as in the woman will be placed before the man in all of SRK’s movies. Not to be outdone, Salman was considering giving the women in his films more than 30 minutes of screen space. It’s amazing ...

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Budget – who cares?

What do I get from the budget?  Most of us are concerned. “Are prices of going to increase?” “Am I benefitted in any way?” “Prices are going up any way, what has the budget got to do with it.” We  don’t have any expectation from the so called budget. But we do care about pothole free roads, better train and ...

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Top 5: “AAM se PM tak”

Prime Minister candidates

Top 5 Prospective Candidates for PM: So who does the aam youth of India see as the PM of their choice and why? Here we take a look on the top five candidates being proposed as PMs of choice by the youth of India and their reasons for it – 1.      Narendra Modi: NaMo is emerging as a hot favourite candidate for ...

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narendra modi as pm

The debate is in favour of Narendra Modi to bag the candidature for the PM’s post. In a survey conducted across 28 cities by a Hindi news channel and Nielsen, Narendra Modi has emerged as the favourite candidate for the post of PM, against Rahul Gandhi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Modi got a thumbs up from 42% of the survey ...

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