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Selfie the new obsession


#selfie the buzz word of social media is the obsession our generation. The Oxford dictionary selected this word as “word of the year 2013” after seeing it weas being used 17000% more than in the previous year! Let us see a few innovations or changes that might happen in future because of this selfie. Mobile companies would introduce a button ...

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Outstanding Bollywood Villains

JAM brings you the Antagonist Awards Most villains in Bollywood are stereotypical caricatures who are usually too handsy with the women folk and always manage to overstock on goons who are completely useless when the protagonist turns up. They end up looking silly and usually get the rough end of the hero’s boot towards the final act, but some Bollywood ...

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Vamps’ Affair!

The Indian television industry thrives on daily soaps and we, the audience, thrive on them. The elaborate sets, loud make-up, sneers and smirks and the slow motion focus of the faces; we can never forget them. Ever. The characters are, literally larger than life (read: They return from the dead. On multiple occasions) and their stories, even larger! But the ...

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Suits vs. Boston Legal: Why BL is better!

“We’re flamingos!”- the phrase that’s won a million hearts, along with James Spader’s genius acting, alluring sense of humor, cynicism, and William Shatner’s narcissism and ‘mad cow’ disease. I daresay that Boston Legal is the best legal drama till date. Even though it ended in 2008, people love it just as much today; I know, ‘cause I’m one of those ...

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Have a bai or you die

The atmosphere around the room was tensed. Everybody were sitting with their head bowed down and with thinking lines on their foreheads. Nobody seemed to have clue about the next step. One of us said “let’s see what happens” and stood up started doing piece of work assigned through random selection. Well I was given the work to wash the ...

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The IIT/IIM brand

End of graduation and I was back to my hometown. My parents were happy over the fact that their son is a graduate. But there is a setup which is known as society and whether you like it or not you have to face the people of society. One of the prominent people are your neighbours. The aunty came to ...

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6 Types Of College Confessions


  Every great college has a passing fad which takes it by the storm and leaves it ravaged. First came the utterly stupid act of random people bursting into synchronized dance in public places causing embarrassment to the onlookers by performing raunchy steps copied from YouTube – which was good. Then came the fad of acting like an insane baboon ...

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8 things that will help you survive during an apocalypse

If you are reading this letter, you are probably one of the few unlucky ones left alive. You want to survive this don’t you? Well you need to do these simple things right and maybe you and the rest of humanity still has a chance. Don’t be an illiterate: If you can’t read, you are doomed. My words would be ...

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4 ways to avoid being branded a SLUT

We all know that men objectify women, and some of us get branded as a SLUT for our choices and actions. So I decided to help women out and come out with some guidelines on how to avoid this labeling. For starters, 1) DO NOT TALK TO MEN!!! I know most of you have let out a gasp in shock. ...

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KHEL SIHASAN KA-The Desi Game of Thrones

One of the great pleasures of life is watching beloved Hollywood flicks air on UTV Movies, dubbed in Hindi. You aren’t a true Indian Potterhead until you’ve watched Harry get sorted into Garuddwar and Draco into Nagshakti. I wonder how much longer must we patriotic Indians wait till that trend transfers to television and Colors TV buys the rights to ...

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