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You know what they say about being in your 20s

ARE YOU A TWENTY SOMETHING? Be ready to face disappointments   1.     No matter how loyal you are to your girlfriend you will lose her due to unavoidable reasons. So make her happy as much as you can. Don’t just buy her the best chocolate. Give her your best security and care. You will have some good memories ...

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The Seatbelt Crew: Hilarious Social Message

Hands down humour is the most trending topics worldwide. In India with the scores of stand-up comedy shows and prankster reality shows garnering great television ratings proves that comedy rules. Social message videos are no longer mundane and bland. The new breed of creative minds are literally thinking out of the box and coming up with seriously dope stuff. Who ...

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The Unwritten Rules of Facebook

Living in the era of social media that is the present, dictates that each and every one of us is a member of Facebook. While it’s simple and straightforward to use and doesn’t really put any restrictions on the content you wish to put online, I feel like we have reached a point where some concrete Rules and Regulations need ...

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Sharapova doesn’t know who Sachin is.

maria sharapova

Conversation at a Sachin fan’s house; Oh my god how could she not? She is a sinner. So what if she’s played tennis all her life and there’s no cricket in her country, she should know Sachin, this is a preposterous. We the citizens of God’s (Sachin) own country will avenge it. We will write abusive messages on her Facebook ...

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7 things: So bad that they are good

  Anyone who has seen the movie “Gunda” ( not the creepy Gunday with the Bromance , but as Bulla says Gund-Aaaaaaaaaa ) knows the line between good and bad is so thin that scientists have often termed it as the only question that cannot be answer by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. In India, specially , we have so ...

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What does the fox say?

Feeling under the weather or just having a bad day no worries. Music always works great to beat those sorry blues. Music works wonders in uplifting the grumpiest of moods. There are plenty of songs that provide quite a strong punch of rofl moments. Here are a few ridiculously funny songs that will definitely leave you grinning and promise uninterrupted ...

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I know what you did last summer, spring & autumn, thanks to facebook!!

“I chipped my nail today”—-Status updated 1 min passed—Let me check if some has commented. Page Refreshed…Oh yes, a notification. Crap, it is just another candy crush invitation. 2 min passed—Time to check again. Maybe people aren’t online. Note to myself—Don’t post in the afternoon. 3 min passed—Yessss…a notification. DesperatelySweet commented on your post. Comment: Awwww…how did you chip it? ...

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Selfie the new obsession


#selfie the buzz word of social media is the obsession our generation. The Oxford dictionary selected this word as “word of the year 2013” after seeing it weas being used 17000% more than in the previous year! Let us see a few innovations or changes that might happen in future because of this selfie. Mobile companies would introduce a button ...

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Outstanding Bollywood Villains

JAM brings you the Antagonist Awards Most villains in Bollywood are stereotypical caricatures who are usually too handsy with the women folk and always manage to overstock on goons who are completely useless when the protagonist turns up. They end up looking silly and usually get the rough end of the hero’s boot towards the final act, but some Bollywood ...

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Vamps’ Affair!

The Indian television industry thrives on daily soaps and we, the audience, thrive on them. The elaborate sets, loud make-up, sneers and smirks and the slow motion focus of the faces; we can never forget them. Ever. The characters are, literally larger than life (read: They return from the dead. On multiple occasions) and their stories, even larger! But the ...

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